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Chillies and Caffeine

Why You Shouldn’t Be Vaping Chilies or Caffeine

The range of flavored e-liquids available is part and parcel of the allure, offering something that traditional cigarettes don’t. However, just because vaping is available in huge variety of flavors, it doesn’t mean all are worth trying. With so many weird, wonderful and extreme combinations, some flavors could even have a negative impact on your health. We have already heard about the problems with diacetyl but now, a few natural substances could prove to be just as dangerous.


While there are no official chili flavored e-liquids (at least not as far as we know of), it hasn’t stopped smokers putting it in vapes. A video recently surfaced which shows chili expert, Russel Hawkins vaping his own homemade chili powder. In next to no time it went viral and was seen by thousands of people.

If you followed that link and watched the video, you will see the massive problem with what Russel does. He uses Carolina Reaper chilies at 2.2 million Scoville units. His chili powder is comparable to police pepper spray. He puts a little pinch in his vape and goes on to inhale.

What comes next is truly shocking. He is coughing, choking and spluttering – no vape should have this effect. He goes on to say “My mouth’s on fire, my nose is plugged up, I ended up puking for about ten minutes…once again, don’t try this at home. Don’t do this. Don’t do it at all. It’s not good. I didn’t need 911, but definitely don’t ever try to vape anything hot, especially the world’s hottest pepper.”

Good advice but you probably didn’t need to be told that. Vaping chilies like this is irresponsible and downright dangerous. Chili may be a common cooking ingredient but it is a neurotoxin that in high doses can cause seizures, heart attacks and even death.

Believe it or not, there is no study that looks at the effects of chili vapor on the lungs – probably because scientists didn’t think anyone would be absurd enough to try it. Chilies increase mucus production throughout the body. In the lungs this could significantly impact breathing. If eating chilies puts people in the hospital, it is clearly not a good idea to vape with them.


Quite a few e-liquids on the market contain caffeine; they may be coffee flavored or taste like an energy drink but just because they exist it doesn’t mean you should be vaping them. One Australian company has gone a step further and is offering caffeine in a vape to replace drinking it.

Unlike most other stimulants including nicotine, there is no official guidelines as the maximum amount a person can safely consume. We know too much can lead to heart palpitations and other serious conditions.

Research has shown that caffeine takes about 40 minutes to reach peak concentration in the blood. There is no information about how long it takes when being absorbed through the lungs, however. We can hypothesize that is the process happens much quicker when the caffeine comes into direct contact with the bloodstream without being digested first. It could, therefore mean that it is much easier to take in more caffeine than the body can handle.

With too much caffeine proven to harm the cardiovascular system, it’s clear that experimental e-liquids should be avoided.

If you’re tired of your standard vape, we’d recommend trying various flavors until you find one that delivers the hit you’re seeking, rather than turn to potentially dangerous and extreme vaping fads. It is much better to stick to e-liquids that have been examined and ideally, lab tested, like ours. Only through testing can we begin to understand the effects of inhaling substances into the lungs.

We test all of our e-liquids in a laboratory setting so you will only inhale vapor that is safe.

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Michael Grey

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