UWELL’s New Caliburn A2 Pod System – Now Available on Blacknote.com

We’re excited to announce the addition of a new vaping device to our product offering: the Caliburn A2.

The Caliburn A2 is an upgraded version of the popular UWELL product, the Caliburn 11W Pod System, which was popular in 2019. It’s easy to operate and does an amazing job at restoring the original taste of your e-Liquid. 

This upgraded device adds to Uwell’s established reputation of making high-quality products.

Uwell’s new Caliburn A2 device is easy to operate and does an amazing job at restoring the original taste of your e-Liquid.

What you’ll discover after reading this article:

What Makes The Caliburn A2 Unique

The Caliburn A2 is part of the Caliburn A series. The original Caliburn device was UWELL’s first pod product and created an industry legend upon its launch.

Characteristics of the A series

  • Basic
  • Simple styling
  • Easy to use
  • Cost-effective

Whole Pod Replacement

When a cartridge in a device from the A series reaches the end of its service life, the whole pod would be replaced. With the G series, you only need to replace the coil.

Order Replacement Pods

4 Pack for $10.99

You can add a pack of 4 replacement pods for your new UWELL Caliburn A2 device for $10.99.

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Only One Resistance Value

The A series has only one resistance value, allowing the user to have only one output power vaping experience. The G series, on the other hand, has two resistance values. This allows users to have multiple output power vaping experiences.

Reaches 90% Battery in Only 35 Minutes

In only 35 minutes, the Caliburn A2 can be charged to 90% battery capacity.

It Comes in 9 Different Colors

The Caliburn A2 comes in nine different colors and Black Note carries eight of those colors, which include: Aqua BlueBlackBlueGreenGreyIris PurpleOrangeSilver

Caliburn A2 Updates You Should Know About

Checking e-Liquid Levels is Easier

Caliburn A2’s e-liquid check window is a big leap in the Caliburn pod system. It makes checking e-liquid levels really easy. 

Unlike the Caliburn, the Caliburn A2 can be easily opened with just one hand. Top filling is convenient for vapers to refill e-juice. You don’t have to pull out the cartridge to check the left e-liquid anymore. And say goodbye to coil dry burning because you forgot to refill the e-juice. 

In addition to increasing convenience, the e-liquid check window also brings an improved look overall.

MTL Vapers Will Love Improved Mouth-fitting Design

UWELL has designed a better lip-fitting drip tip for vapers, especially for MTL vapers. With their design, vapor won’t drift away from the mouth.

Who Should Order The Caliburn A2

The Caliburn A2 is made for:

  • Vapers who expect more from the old Caliburn
  • Vapers who want to top up juice in time to avoid burnt tastes
  • Vapers who hate constantly cleaning vape devices
  • MTL vapers who want a mouth-fitting design
  • Vapers that are not happy with current device, in terms of flavor
  • Users of pod mods and tank kits who want portability

Why the Uwell Name is Synonymous With Quality

It’s clear that Uwell cares about your experience as a vapor. The improved grip and devotion to reducing liquid leaking problems, ensures you’ll enjoy a cleaner experience.

How to Order The Caliburn A2

Black Note now carries the Caliburn A2 pod system. You can order the pod system and a pack of 4 replacement pods by clicking here.

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