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Gift for vapers

Holiday Gift Guide: 12 Unique Gifts for Vapers

The holidays are here, which means so is the challenge of gift-giving. With so many options, it’s tough to know what’s the perfect, most thoughtful gift for everyone on your list.

But, don’t panic — we’ve got good news: If you already know you’re shopping for an e-cigarette user this year, you’ve come to the right place. Because with our list of the 12 most unique and thoughtful gift for vapers, we can help you cross at least one person off your holiday list.

Check them out:

1. Vape travel case for the jetsetter

If you’re shopping for a globetrotting vaper, get them something to go with them on each new adventure. There are lots of vaping travel kits and carrying cases, like this camouflage one or this hard-shell one from, that can keep vaping equipment organized and safe while in transit. Lots of extra pockets and compartments make room for extra batteries, e-liquids and other necessary supplies.

2. Mod kits to upgrade the experience

Whether there’s a beginning or seasoned vaper on your list, mods are available for everyone. There are many types to choose from, too, but first look into a new version that they may not have tried before. has a comprehensive list of the best mods and their ratings to help you start your research.

3. Vape charms for character

Etsy is a go-to for the most unique gifts, which is why a quick search for “vape charms” will yield tons of results for all kinds of vapers. Etsy seller VaporDolls has an impressive selection, and CharmingYouCo has many available, too. Plus, these charms will show the vaper on your list that you also know their personal style.

4. Unique coil jewelry and accessories

Especially ideal for the female vaper in your life, custom jewelry made out of coils is a unique holiday gift idea. Etsy seller Crystallizedcoils has several necklaces to browse, and this pendant takes a less-literal approach to coil jewelry. You can also purchase this similarly designed tie clip and matching cufflinks for the business-class vaper.

5. Vape battery for long life

A dead vape battery is no bueno. And even the most casual vaper has use for a supercharged vape battery. Not sure which one to get? Again, has a list of five of the best batteries for vaping to help you find the right one.

6. Portable USB charger for juice on the go

Every vaper’s worst nightmare is a dead battery with nowhere to charge it. Snag a portable USB charger from an electronics store or Amazon so that your vaping friend can avoid a no-outlet situation anywhere they go. Bonus points if it has multiple charging ports!

7. Clothing made for vaping

The stealth vaper in particular will love a fashionable piece of clothing designed with vapers in mind. Vaprwear has hoodies and t-shirt hoodies for both men and women, plus several designs nod to the company’s home state of Colorado.

8. Vaping-inspired custom artwork

Custom artwork is the perfect gift for the person on your list who already seems to have everything. If that hard-to-buy-for friend or family member happens to be a vaper, they may not own a piece of art dedicated to their hobby. Commission a local artist, or look for vape-inspired artwork online. Fine Art America has a category on their website dedicated to vape art, as does Zazzle.

9. Backpacks for vapers

The convenience that every hiking vaper has dreamed of is here — and it’s another innovatively functional creation from Vaprwear. Vaprwear has a line of backpacks that have built-in chargers, mouthpieces and batteries that make vaping easy. Plus, there’s plenty of room for books, a laptop, water bladder and whatever else your hiking-and-vaping giftee has in tow.

10. Donation to Consumer Advocates for Smoke Free Alternatives Association (CASAA)

Surprise your vaping friends with a donation to CASAA, a grassroots organization that is committed to supporting smokeless alternatives to cigarettes. You can make the donation via PayPal or mail a paper check to:

4225 Fleur Drive #189
Des Moines, IA 50321

11. E-Liquid bottle sleeve for storing juice

Another thoughtful gift, and one that you can find on Etsy, is a handmade cover or case for e-liquids. Here’s a hand-woven bottle sleeve made out of pandanus leaf (available for 15 mL and 30 mL bottles), or look into sleeves made for essential oil bottles — those may work as well.

12. E-Liquid starter kit for experimenting

Give your vaping friend the chance to discover new e-liquids and flavors. The Black Note Classical Notebook comes with four 10-mL bottle of e-liquids. They’ll taste the light, bright Prelude, the subtly sweet Forte, the robust Sonata and the earthy, smooth Legato. Plus, the packaging is so nice that you won’t even need to wrap it.


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  • Nov 29, 2017

    Eleven Eleven

    What brand of vape device is that in the image?

    • Nov 29, 2017

      Hi, The vape pen is not a specific brand. It’s just dummy model. However its does look like the ego style vape pen.

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