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Top Vape Myths

Top Vaping Myths  

Is that one of those e-cigarettes? No one knows what’s in those things, but I heard they’re loaded with nicotine. My neighbor’s sister said that stuff will kill you! At least it’s just a fad, right?

If you’ve been subjected to any of the ridiculous ideas above, you’ve been subjected to some of the top vaping myths. Instead of simply shaking our heads in despair, we took at stab at clearing up those myths and bringing some truth to the vaping industry.

Vapes and E-cigarettes Are The Same Thing

Vapes and e-cigarettes are two distinctly different animals, but the term e-cigarette is constantly and annoyingly used to describe both of them.

Vapes, also known as vaporizers, generally consist of two main, detachable parts:

  • A rechargeable battery
  • A heating element and chamber that holds the vaping liquid

The heating element, known as the atomizer, vaporizes the liquid. The chamber holding the liquid can be a tank surrounding the replaceable atomizer. Or you can go for a cartomizer, which is a disposable chamber with the atomizer built into it.

A dead giveaway for recognizing a vape is probably the battery, which can be rather large and makes up the bottom half of the device. Got a fat battery with a little button to press when inhaling? Then you got a vape.

E-cigarettes are non-refillable devices designed to look like traditional cigarettes. They, too, consist of a battery and heating device, but the battery is very slim and usually hidden within the whole contraption. Instead of pushing a little button while inhaling, e-cigarettes usually have a sensor that can tell when the user is inhaling.

A dead giveaway for an e-cigarette is its resemblance to a traditional cigarette. You’ll also know the device is an e-cigarette if it’s for sale at gas stations and convenience stores. 

Smoking and Vaping Have The Same Horrible Health Consequences

Even though anti-vaping nay-sayers may want to push you into believing this one, it simply isn’t true. For starters, vaping doesn’t subject you to the more than 4,000 chemicals found in traditional cigarettes, 43 of which are carcinogenic compounds. Those chemicals can include everything from ammonia to arsenic, with acetone and tar in between.

The smoke released from cigarettes is what’s behind heart disease and lung cancer. Since vaping does not release smoke, only water vapor, you can check that one off the list, too.

All Vaping Liquid Contains Mysterious and/or Artificial Ingredients

The ingredients used in vaping liquids are not a mystery, especially if you get them from a reputable manufacturer who openly lists them for your review. Some companies even provide a certified lab report to fully back up their ingredient list.

Artificial Ingredients

Vaping liquid typically consists of three main ingredients:

  • PG, or propylene glycol 
  • VG, or vegetable glycerin
  • Flavoring

And no, artificial ingredients don’t have to be part of the mix. Some vaping liquid flavors contain artificial ingredients to enhance the taste. But vaping liquid created from naturally extracted tobacco (NET) doesn’t need to include any artificial ingredients or additives to improve the taste if the extraction process has been mastered.

All Vaping Liquids Contain Nicotine

zero nicotineSorry, guys, but this one isn’t true either. Most vaping liquid companies give consumers a choice if they want nicotine in their vaping liquid or not. And if people do opt for nicotine, they can usually select from different nicotine levels. And the lower nicotine levels usually out-sell the higher levels. One company says sales of vaping liquids with zero to 6 mg per ml of nicotine more than double those of liquids with nicotine levels of 12 mg per ml and above.

Vaping Is Just a Fad

The year 2013 marked the official vape boom, with more than 3,500 vape shops in the US participating in an industry with more than $1 billion in sales. And that was three years ago. While traditional smoking has seen an 18 percent decrease over the past several years, the vape industry appears to be enjoying a steady climb. And if that’s just a fad, it’s certainly one heck of a fad to behold.


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    it isn’t really water vapor that is produced-isnt it vapor of PG and VG?



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