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Black Note's tobacco varieties

A Guide To Black Note’s Tobacco Varieties

Tobacco has been grown for thousands of years which has led to many different varieties  – each of which has their own unique characteristics. Not only does the variety affect flavor and aroma, the process used to cure or dry the tobacco is also important in developing flavors. Some varieties and methods are more common than others but it is worth understanding them all so you can find a blend that is perfect for you. Black Note naturally extracted tobacco vaping liquids are known for being intensely complex. But that doesn’t mean choosing one has to be. Check out the infographic below to get a solid rundown on what to expect from our top-selling blends.

Black Note Tobacco Varieties


Air-Cured – This type of tobacco is air dried in barns which shelter it from sunlight. The drying out can be carried out on the plant as a whole or can be done as individual leaves. 

Dark Tobaccos – At the time of picking these tobacco plants are highly developed and very mature. The leaf is also subjected to a second fermentation process. The majority of these leaves are used to produce cigars.

Fire-Cured – While very similar to dark tobacco its drying is done through wood fired fumigation. Many of the traditional growers insist on using oak wood for this purpose.

Sun-Cured – Almost all oriental tobaccos are cured in this way. Leaves are left out in the sun to naturally dry and cure.


Virginia tobacco is one of the most popular types, it is used in all manner of tobacco products from snuff to pipe tobacco. Roughly 60% of the US tobacco crop is Virginia. It is the mildest of all tobaccos and has a very high sugar content which means it has a very light a sweet taste. If you want a sweet and mild tobacco e-liquid, then try Prelude which is produced using the finest Virginia tobacco.


Burley is very popular among pipe smokers. There is almost no sugar content which provides a much dryer aroma than Virginia but it is also a fuller flavor. It tends to be used in aromatic blends because it absorbs other flavors easily. Burley is air cured which further adds to its unique flavor. Forte e-liquid is a very full bodied burley flavored liquid.

Shade Tobacco

One of the traditional US varieties, shade tobacco is grown in the shade to protect it from direct sunlight. This makes the plants grow as if they were in a shaded jungle or tropical forest. The leaves end up being very light in color and delicate. However, this tobacco is only really used for wrapping fine cigars.


There is no single Oriental variety instead there are a selection which are grown in Turkey, the Balkan states and Russia. While all these varieties are different, there are a few characteristics that they all have – namely a dusty, dry and slightly sour aroma.


This is an exotic spice tobacco that is very popular and it is grown in Cyprus and northern Syria. After the leaves are harvested and dried they are hung tightly packed in a barn before being smoke cured with both pine and oak wood fires. It has a truly unique flavoring, it is very rich and has a strong smoky aroma. If you want to try the full flavors of this variety then you should try Quartet e-liquid which uses latakia to create a distinct flavorful experience.


A kind of red burley tobacco perique is produced near New Orleans. It is exceptionally rare and has a very strong taste. Cured like burley but for less time. The leaves are fermented in oak barrels in order to create a full bodied aroma. Perique is never used alone it is always blended with milder tobaccos because otherwise the flavor would be too strong. Trying this full bodied flavor couldn’t be simpler. Bravura e-liquid uses red burley to produce the unique Perique flavors.


This is more a method of treating tobacco rather than a specific variety but it is usually treated as if it was a variety. It tends to use a dark flue or even fire cured Virginia tobacco which is then steamed and stored under pressure to allow it time to cure and ferment. While dark Virginia is usually used Cavendish can actually be produced out of any variety. Despite not being able to get Cavendish tobacco alone you can get out Sonata e-liquid which uses it to produce a delightful blend.

Did you know there were so many types of tobacco? Will you be trying any of these specialist blends? Share your thoughts in the comments and on our social media pages.

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