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tips to commit to e-cigarettes

Ten Tips To Commit To E-Cigarettes

The period of transition can be really tough for new vapers. There are a lot of new things to understand and become familiar with – choosing a device, selecting an e-liquid, learning how it all functions and getting to grips with the lingo are chief among them. These factors are part of the reason that many new vapers give up and return to smoking. Some will also fail to switch from tobacco to e-cigs because they just don’t feel vaping is right for them. There is no reason to give up on e-cigarettes and switch back to smoking.

Perseverance is key and even if you do switch back to traditional smoking temporarily, don’t be afraid to give vaping another go. Here are ten ways to help you commit to e-cigarettes…

Get Motivated

Switching from smoking to vaping does not happen in the blink of an eye. You have to adjust to e-cigarettes and you need to be motivated to do this. It takes willpower to quit smoking and it takes willpower to make the conscious decision to switch. You can help keep yourself motivated by writing your reasons for switching down. Post them on your fridge, keep them in a note pad or save them on your smartphone. Each time you feel like having a cigarette look at those reasons to shore up your determination to stay on the right path.

Buy Good Quality Devices

There are three types of e-cigarettes – cigalikes, pen style and mods. Most smokers who switch automatically go for the cigalikes option because they look like regular cigarettes. The brain assumes this will help make the switch easier. However, the reality is that most new vapers will get more satisfaction from a pen style or box mod. Cigalikes tend to be a weak hit with a limited flavor selection, this makes them an unattractive prospect compared to the more powerful devices which use any e-liquid. You will need to try a variety of different devices to find the one which works best for you. It is also worth buying a second quality device so if you lose or break the first, you won’t be tempted to reach for a pack of real cigarettes in a moment of weakness.

Easy to Use

You definitely need a good quality e-cigarette in order to adapt but it also has to be simple to use. The many features and controls that e-cigarettes have means that new users can easily become confused or overwhelmed. This is extremely off putting and can send some straight back to traditional tobacco.

When purchasing an e-cig device for the first time, buy from a store where you can ask for advice and request a demo if needed.

Change Flavor

Smokers tend to buy one brand of cigarettes and stick with it for life but this doesn’t work with e-cigarettes. Branch out and try new flavors on a regular basis. Most smokers will go for a tobacco e-liquid first. That’s all well and good but try incorporating a variety of tobacco flavors and change it up when you start to become tired of just one single hit. The longer you vape the more often you will need to switch up e-liquid flavors.

Try Dual Use

Very few vapers make the switch completely immediately, instead they are more likely to use their e-cigarette and smoke a few regular cigarettes a day. Do this if it helps. After a while you will start to enjoy vaping and this will make cutting tobacco out easy. Work on reducing the number of actual cigarettes you consume and upping vaping until you have made the switch in full.

Check Your Nicotine Intake

Nicotine is a key element in e-liquid but the concentration of it can vary wildly. Most e-liquids tend to be available in strengths from no nicotine right up to 24mg and beyond. When you switch it’s important to select an e-liquid with an appropriate nicotine strength. If there is too little nicotine you will constantly be fighting off cravings. Too much can be harsh on your throat which may put you off. As a general guide most pack a day smokers are happy with 18mg but the best advice is to experiment with strengths and find the one that works for you.

Inhale the Vapor Right

Vaping is kind of like smoking but the way you inhale is different. When vaping you need to take longer, slower breaths. Puffing hard on a cigarette produces more smoke but with a vape this just doesn’t work and will ruin your opinion of e-cigarettes.

Has this helped you commit to e-cigarettes? Have you got any other tips for new vapers? Share them in the comments and on our social media pages.

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Michael Grey

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