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Tips for Getting the Best Flavor from Your ELiquid

Vaping Tips: Get the Best Flavor from Your E-Liquid

One of the major benefits of switching to vaping is enjoying the multitude of flavors available to you, but what do you do when the flavor just doesn’t seem to come through strongly enough?

There are many possible causes for a muted or unimpressive flavor, but most of them can be solved with either some basic changes or some upgrades to your hardware.

Here are some vaping tips and tricks for maximizing the flavor from your e-liquid:

1) Experiment with Your Settings

If you’re using a variable voltage or variable wattage (VV/VW) device, adjusting your settings is the easiest way to maximize your flavor. Each e-liquid has a “sweet spot” in terms of wattage, but it can vary greatly, so the best advice is to experiment with different options until you find the best flavor. Generally speaking, too high a wattage will have a detrimental effect on the flavor, but setting it too low will notably impact vapor production; it’s all about striking a balance.

2) Clean Your Atomizer

If remnants of the last e-liquid you vaped are gunking up your wick (particularly common with darker-colored flavors), it will detract from the flavor you’re currently vaping. The best advice here (for clearomizers and tanks) is to give you atomizer and wick a clean whenever you change e-liquids, but realistically you probably aren’t going to do that. So it’s more practical to say you should clean your atomizers after a week or so of use. There are plenty of guides online giving step-by-step instructions, but in most cases it’s pretty straightforward: take your atomizer apart and give it a good wash in warm water.

3) Switch to Rebuilding

Every different type of atomizer will produce varying levels of flavor – for example, a bottom-coil clearomizer tends to be better for flavor than a top-coil one – but generally speaking the best flavor tends to come from rebuildable atomizers. This means getting a bit more technical – wrapping your own coils, attaching them to the posts and threading the wick through – but if you’re a true flavor-chaser it’s well worth the effort. The rabbit-hole gets deeper too, with different builds producing different levels of flavor.

4) Use a Cotton Wick

If you’re rebuilding, you pretty much get a free choice of wick, but most vapers opt for cotton because it wicks well, it’s easy to work with, cheap and produces near-unbeatable flavor. Get some 100 percent cotton balls (or any type of cotton product with 100 percent, untreated cotton), boil them in some water (to remove any traces of residue from the manufacturing process) and let them dry out before using. Using cotton also makes it easier to change wick whenever you change flavor. You can even re-wick pre-built coils with cotton to improve the flavor. 

5) Choose Your Device Carefully

Although switching to any rebuildable atomizer will boost your flavor, they aren’t all created equally. One of the factors that can aid with flavor is the positioning of the air-holes: on the Magma – one of the most widely-recommended rebuildables for flavor – the air-holes are positioned directly underneath the coils, in many ways the ideal position for maximum flavor. Other plus-points for flavor are a dome-shaped top cap and a nice deep juice well. Two other widely-recommended rebuildable atomizers for flavor are the Plume Veil and the Freakshow, but if you opt for anything with air-holes in the right place, a dome top cap and deep juice wells you’ll notably improve the flavor you get from your juice. 

6) Shake Before You Vape

Giving your e-liquid a shake before you drip or fill up ensures that all of the ingredients – including the flavorings – have time to mix evenly throughout your e-liquid before you start to vape. Since e-liquid is composed of many different ingredients – with different weights – some will preferentially sink to the bottom, so shaking it ensures you get all of the flavoring alongside the PG, VG and nicotine.

7) Store Your E-Liquid Properly

Improper liquid storage – particularly over the long term – may mean some of the flavorings in the e-liquid end up degrading and ruining the taste of the juice. The best advice is to keep your e-liquid in a cool, dark place (out of reach of children and pets!) to minimize any degradation. Technically it’s better to keep things air-tight, but if you’re steeping this might not be possible, so the best advice is to avoid steeping with the cap off for longer than necessary – give your liquid a taste every few days and if the harsh overtones have rounded off, replace the cap.

8) Change Your Flavors

The nature of how we perceive taste and smell means that e-liquid flavors can become less noticeable if you vape them for a long time. Switching your flavors regularly is the best advice to combat against this: even if it’s your favorite juice, have some time away from it and it’ll be more enjoyable when you go back to it.

9) Maximize the Surface Area of Your Coils

Although – as mentioned earlier – there is a lot to consider in terms of the best types of coil to build for maximum flavor, a simple, catch-all tip is to boost the surface area of your coil where possible. In short, the more of your coil that’s making contact with your wick and juice, the more e-liquid that gets vaporized and the more flavor you get out of each puff. The easiest way to do this is to use a lower-gauge (i.e. fatter) wire and more wraps, but you can also try out twisted coils or even Clapton coils to boost the surface area even more.

10) Reduce Your Airflow

While many vapers up their airflow for bigger clouds, the reason this happens is essentially that you’re mixing air in with your vapor, and this understandably reduces the flavor. Either switch to an atomizer with less airflow or (if you have an adjustable airflow device) reduce the airflow on your atomizer. You’ll lose out on a bit of vapor, but you’ll recoup the losses in improved flavor.

Conclusion – Taste is Subjective

These vaping tips should help you get the most out of your e-liquid flavors, but it’s important to remember that taste is ultimately a subjective experience, and you might find that something different works better for you. The best catch-all advice is to experiment: try out different devices, different wick setups, different settings and different steeping methods (or none at all) and find what works for you. And of course, it could just be that you need to buy a better, more flavorful e-liquid! Find more tips for vaping in our blog!

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Michael Grey

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  • Larry Wishon

    Gia, thanks for the great advice. All of it good. I have found the “switching your flavors up” to be very helpful. If I vape a certain flavor for too long, it seems to lose its uniqueness. So I jump over to another flavor for a while. After a season I can come back to it, and it tastes like it should. I haven’t got into rebuilding just yet. Might have to do some research into it, to see what it is all about.

    Thanks again for all the great ideas.




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