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Tips for taking your e-cig on vacation

Tips For Taking Your E-Cig On Vacation

Going on vacation is a time for relaxing and soaking up the sun, but if you can’t get your nicotine hit, how can you ever truly unwind? We’ve already explained the different regulations governing taking your e-cigarette on a flight and the rules in different countries. Those aren’t the only things to keep in mind when taking your e-cig on vacation with you.


Your e-cigarette needs to be carefully transported – chuck it casually in your case and you might find you arrive at your destination and discover it’s broken or even worse, that your e-liquid has leaked all over your clothes. Step one is to make sure everything is properly sealed before you start packing. Ensure there is no air in the e-liquid container because the airplane pressure may force it open. Make certain by placing the bottles into a zip-lock bag. Disassemble your e-cigarette and ensure the tank is empty. Try putting it in a padded case but if this isn’t possible, make sure the battery isn’t touching any metal objects as this may cause it to short out. Do not try to hide either element because it can set alarm bells ringing at the airport – consult your airline to find out what can go in your checked bag and what needs to be carried on your person.

You’ll need to be selective about what you take – 20 bottles of e-liquid, 12 spare batteries, 3 tanks and a stack of spare coils would almost require a suitcase all of its own for storage purposes. Plan for the days you are away and then add a little extra. You should know how much e-liquid you use each day and how long your battery lasts, which will help you gauge the right amounts.


Power outlets vary around the world so, depending on your destination, you’ll need likely need an adaptor. If this seems like too much effort, you could save yourself a lot of time and trouble by just taking the USB charging cable and plugging it into the hotel room’s TV or your laptop. You may also need to consider taking an external battery with you for when you’re out and about.


Depending on how long you’re away for, you will need to refill your e-cigarettes tank at least once or twice. At home, there are many easy ways of doing this such as using a pipette or a syringe, but on vacation, you might not have these conveniences. Take your e-liquid in bottles, which come with an attached dripper. Alternatively, make sure that you have a pipette for refilling when packing.

Where to Vape

Just because you’re in a foreign country it doesn’t mean anything goes. You need to show the same levels of respect you would at home. When you check into your hotel, ask the reception staff what their rules are about vaping. They may say you can only vape outside or they may be ok with indoor use, the only way to know is by asking.

The same rules apply wherever you go, whether it be a bar, restaurant or tourist attraction. If there is no obvious person to ask, then try asking any smokers or vapers in the area if they know what the rules are. If there is no one to ask and your still unsure, simply do not vape. Researching any restrictions before you go will also help clear up these situations.

You may need to be more cautious of the environment where you are vaping. For instance, something as simple as unwinding on a sandy beach or relaxing by a pool could cause a significant amount of damage to your e-cigarette. Try to keep your e-cig away from anything that could be harmful such as particles of sand – a small padded case would be ideal.

Do you have any other tips for travelling with an e-cig? Share them with us in the comments and on our social media pages.

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