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Technologies that can revolutionize e-cigarettes

Technologies That Could Revolutionize E-Cigarettes

E-cigarette technology has developed rapidly since Hon Lik first patented his smokeless cigarette invention. We now have eGo style, box mods, temperature control and rebuildable tanks but what theoretical or new technologies could revolutionize e-cigarettes even further?

Graphene Batteries

Developed at The University of Manchester it could have multiple electronic applications. Researchers have looked into using it for high capacity energy storage for renewable electricity generation. But what if it was used for e-cigarettes?

It is a potent conductor, lightweight, chemically inert, flexible and has a large surface area. This makes for some promising battery specifications. Already it has been shown that by adding graphene to the electrodes in a lithium-ion battery you create something with more capacity and a greater lifespan. A pure graphene battery could be infinitely more powerful and last even longer. This would remove any worries about battery life.

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging otherwise known as induction, is already penetrating the market. Some modern smartphones have the technology as standard. It works by creating an electromagnetic field – the battery is then charged because the electricity safely transfers from the atmosphere into it.

This technology was first suggested by Nikola Tesla in the nineteenth century but we’re still not close to having it compressed enough to fit into an e-cigarette battery. If we did it would simply mean dropping your e-cig on a pad when you got home and picking it up when needed. Alternatively, it has been suggested that wireless charging areas will be created in public places when all phones are using this technology. If this could be applied to e-cigarettes, it would ensure no e-cigarette user would ever struggle to charge their device.

Split Tanks

Current tanks can take one e-liquid at a time, which can be frustrating when a new flavor arrives and you’re still on the old one.

This set up would allow you to try multiple e-liquid flavors in a day without the hassle of dripping. Theoretically, this could be done as an advanced mod – whether it will be popular in the future remains to be seen.

Forever Coils

Having a coil burn out is annoying, it ruins the taste of an e-cig and means you have to carry out maintenance. At the moment all coils will eventually burn out; this could be because the liquid level is low, there’s too much power or any one of a number of other reasons. Coils are currently made from a variety of metals, but what if there was a new compound metal that would not burn out in this way? It would mean you’d never have to change a coil again.

The wick is holding the idea of a forever coil back but there must be another material that could be used for a long time and not deteriorate. Sponge, for instance is both natural and long lasting and could be used instead of cotton. A synthetic material could also fulfill this purpose. Either way, a ‘forever’ coil should definitely be investigated.

Predictive Temperature Control

Choosing the right temperature to vape at is tricky because everyone advises something different. What if the control was out of your hands? Using a system of machine learning you could build an e-cigarette that would adapt to temperatures based on the e-liquid you use.

Simply tell the device – “today I’m using Bravura by Black Note” and the device will automatically adjust settings to meet your needs. This would make life so simple for novice vapers, they would never experience a burnt coil, they would never have the wrong settings and this would make it so much easier to stick with e-cigarettes.

Is there any technology you would like to hit the e-cigarette market? Tell us about it in the comments and on our social media pages.

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Michael Grey

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