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A Latakia Tobacco Blend (30 ml)

A rare blend with a remarkable flavor, Syrian Latakia tobacco is sun-cured and then smoke-cured using aromatic herbs and fragrant woodsy plants in controlled fires. The result is a peppery, smoky taste that’s as robust as it is delicious. Sold in 30 ml bottles.

Contents: 30ml
VG/PG ratio : 50/50
Extracted in Italy, Bottled in California

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Quartet incorporates the four elements of sun, fire, earth and air to produce a rich, intense smoky-peppery tobacco. The blend embraces the Syrian Latakia process of sun-curing the tobacco, then smoke-curing over controlled fires of Valonia oak, Aleppo pine, Lebanon cedar, Greek juniper and indigenous aromatic herbs. The result is a powerfully distinct symphonic delight for the senses.
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Sun, fire, earth and air are the four key components in the creation of Quartet, a tobacco blend brought to life using the rare Syrian Latakia process. The flavorfully spicy blend produces a symphony of perceptions, with a tango of smoky-peppery taste and aroma.

The process of creating authentic Syrian Latakia tobacco is rare within itself, and we did one better by acquiring a one-of-a-kind lot of Syrian Latakia tobacco that had been patiently and perfectly aged for a full eight years.

We are proud to offer our tobacco aficionados a numbered limited edition of Quartet, featuring this scarce and sensational tobacco, for the collection and enjoyment of true connoisseurs.


Hitting our Syrian Latakia target

In our perpetual search for perfection, we began visiting tobacco specialists around the world to explore their private and intimate collections of rare tobacco. One Italian specialist had an astonishing collection, giving us a chance to taste a diversity of tobacco types from a variety of origins.

Each tobacco blend enchanted us in its own way – until we met the Syrian Latakia. Once the specialist bid us to take a taste of the eight-years-aged Syrian Latakia, we were finally enlightened as to what true enchantment tasted like.

Fully captivated by the experience, we were able to appraise and decided to purchase at any cost this small, unique and precious lot. And it’s now available to you, for only as long as quantities last.

Finding a Syrian Latakia blend that has been patiently aged for nearly a decade is one of our most notable moments in the history of Black Note. And anyone aware of the painstaking effort involved in each step of the Syrian Latakia process will understand why.

Here Comes the Sun

First step in Latakia process

The first step in the Syrian Latakia production process is the sun-curing of the tobacco in tightly- sealed barns. Here the sun’s vibrant rays reduce the tobacco leaves’ moisture content while enhancing the tobacco’s natural flavor.

Fueling the Fire

Second step in Latakia process

The next step is to smoke-cure the tobacco over controlled fires of Valonia oak, Aleppo pine, Lebanon cedar, Greek juniper and indigenous aromatic herbs. The Mediterranean woody plants and native herbs produce a dark, smoky leaf with an intense yet delicate taste and aroma.

Down to Earth

Foundation of growth

Earth plays a role in the Syrian Latakia process by providing the foundation and nutrients required for the tobacco and native foliage to grow. Soft rains and humid soil in the milder Mediterranean seasons produce the ideal environment for indigenous plant life to flourish.

Air Apparent

Delivering the notes

Air’s part in the process is to deliver the aromatic notes during the smoke-curing process. Oxygen fuels the crackling flames that produce the powerful smoke that caresses and infuses the tobacco leaves with their unmistakable Syrian Latakia aroma and taste.

Accidental Discovery

Stored in smoky homes

The Syrian Latakia process was most likely discovered by accident when small farmers were forced to store unsold tobacco in their fire-heated homes. The stored tobacco ended up taking on the flavor and aroma of the smoke, yet the product was initially shunned.

Savvy manufacturers knew pipe tobacco was already being produced using fire-curing methods, tobacco that was quite costly. They decided to try the smoke-cured tobacco coming out of Syria’s Port of Latakia. The Syrian Latakia name was born, as was a market for the sun-cured and smoke-cured tobacco.

Make Mine Rare

Scarcity of Syrian Latakia

The rarity of Syrian Latakia tobacco comes from the Syrian government’s ban on using wood to dry or smoke crops issued after World War II. A scarcity of wood throughout the region led many farmers to move to Cyprus, where they found a more abundant supply of evergreen bushes to cure their tobacco. It is important to note that our Quartet blend is composed of 100% pre-conflict Syrian Latakia.

Although Syrian Latakia is cured with heavier smoke, the tobacco is smoother, cooler and has a more delicate tobacco aroma. Latakia from Cyprus is cured with lighter smoke, yet produces a hotter and stronger taste and aroma.

Work of Genius

Retaining a treasured method

Just as Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 is considered a work of genius, we believe our ninth blend of Quartet using the Syrian Latakia method has a similar status. The savory, smoked note combined with the natural etheric oils from the tobacco produce a refined cool, smooth taste with a melodic peppery burst that can make your senses sing.

Extended Process, Limited Edition

One-of-a-kind opportunity

Just as it would be impossible to recreate the glory of any of Beethoven’s unique symphonies, it would be a real challenge to find another lot of Syrian Latakia that is as precious as the one we currently have available. Some say perfection is impossible to find, but we disagree. We believe we found it with the rare lot of Syrian Latakia that serves as the basis of our limited edition of Quartet.


By Matthew

Quartet is the best ever, by far!

Quartet is, by far, the closest thing to analog!!
For the first time ever (and I have tried many, many juices) I'd rather use my e-cig over analog cigs.
It may seem costly until you try it for a week or so.
Can't say enough about how good Quartet is.... Just purchase it!!

(Posted on 1/20/2017)
By Joshua B


If you enjoy the complex flavors you can't go wrong with this juice.

(Posted on 1/15/2017)
By Jennifer

Free Sample

I got this with my very first order, as a sample to try. It was a 10ml sample bottle. I can't thank Black Note enough, for sending for us to try. My husband loved it so much, he blew right through it in no time. I merely only got to sample it, cuz he ran off with it, but, from what I sampled of it, it was delicious. It is a very smooth, clean taste. If you like Prelude & Forte, you will love this one. It is the in between of those two flavors. If Forte is a bit too harsh for you, & Prelude is a bit too weak, Quartet is for you. I do not think anyone could be disappointed with it.

(Posted on 1/13/2017)
By David

Rich and peppery

Quartet is probably not for everyone; the rich peppery almost cigar-like flavour is delicious but a bit intense. I wouldn't vape ir first thing in the morning and the higher price point keeps me from ordering it regularly, but I'd heartily recommend it to anyone who wants an e-liquid that actually tastes of tobacco.

(Posted on 1/13/2017)
By Edward

Wow - the closest to the real deal I've tasted

I quit smoking last New Years, and have exclusively vaped BlackNote products since then. I started with the original Notebook, then started regularly using Bravura and Sonata, both of which have a light, sweet, hint-of-fruit fruit flavor. The team at BlackNote sent me some samples over the year, most recently of Quartet, and I have been buying it ever since. It really does taste like a pipe, but with none of the sticky, fake, cloying flavor I get from friend's rigs when they use artifically flavored "tobacco-like" juices. This stuff just tastes good. Not sweet at all, not like the other juices I like from BlackNote (I still order Sonata on the regular) - this tastes like tobacco, peppery and warm and complex. At first, I wasnt sure if I would enjoy it, having been used to the sweeter flavors... I kept thinking "I'll pour this back, switch the coil, and go back to the Sonata... let me just take one more puff." And then one more, then one more, then I loved it, then it was all gone. Its got a unique and robust flavor, a very mild but pleasant aroma, and since it doesnt gunk up your coils it holds that flavor for days. Highly recommended, especially if you are trying to quit the real deal.... Ive gone from a pack a day to a pack a month or less, and owe BlackNote a tremendous amount of the credit for that.

(Posted on 1/10/2017)
By Charlie


I first saw Black Note's Quartet (Latakia) on another website and was eager to try it and see how well the Latakia taste was captured. When the package arrived and I saw the distinctive packaging and presentation I had high expectations for the juice itself. I was not disappointed! The product, the packaging and the presentation together make a first class ensemble. As far as the taste, Black Note has nailed it! Since then I've come back to order the Notebook sampler and am looking forward to trying the 4 flavors in that set. Everything about my experience so far with this company has been over-the-top great. Please keep doing what you're doing so very well. Thank you.

(Posted on 1/8/2017)
By Cheri

Peppery Tobacco, more like Cigar

Of you quit smoking but enjoyed a cigar every now and then, then this is that once in a while cigar for you. Please bring back Encore!

(Posted on 12/31/2016)
By Cheri

Peppery Tobacco, more like Cigar

This isn't my cup of tea, but for those who like a cigar every once am a while, it'd be great. My favorite is Encore. I have no idea why they took this away, but I've seen a lot of reviews wanting Encore back. And I must agree!

(Posted on 12/31/2016)
By Fernando

great vape

amazing vape a real treat. thank you black note. one out of the hat, like a rabbit a great surprise. will be ordering a 30 ml right know. you are champions!

(Posted on 12/29/2016)
By Laurence

A Great Vape

Thanks to Black Note for including a sample of Quartet in a recent order, or I might not have thought to try this Latakia blend! It a rich flavor, that I enjoy later in the day and into the evening (I vape Prelude in the morning). Don't let the price dissuade you, Quartet's worth it!

(Posted on 12/29/2016)
By Jason Humphries

Yes Indeed... The Best!

This juice just arrived in my hands and and I've gotta say it's everything I hoped it'd be. By far and away the best Tobacco vape I've had. I didn't know it was possible to have all those subtleties. The peppery back note is just perfect. EXPENSIVE yes, but KILLER, bad ass vape!

(Posted on 12/29/2016)
By Julie

This will always be my #1 pick

I could vape this for the rest of my life and never tire of it. No other liquid compares to this. Not sweet, nice and tough with that smokiness but still smooth (at least with my 3mg level). If you're a black coffee kind of person and miss real tobacco taste, this is your heaven in a bottle.

(Posted on 12/27/2016)

Fine, Robust, Complex Bouquet, A Richly Satisfying Unique Smoke

This is the best of the best. I smoke mainly Solo and I love to blend a bit of Solo with Prelude, Forte and my long lost friend Bravura for some wonderful great tobacco vapes. Quartet is the creme de la creme of all the tobacco blends. It's just an amazing full bodied smoke, a touch smokey, a touch sweet but not overwhelming. It's robust and well, a truly fine tobacco blend and well worth the extra money. A truly relaxing bouquet and uniquely rich flavor.

(Posted on 12/26/2016)
By John

Simply the best I've found

In my search for the right ejuice with which to quit cigarettes and to keep me satisfied with my nicotine fix, I came across Black Note and have never gone back. I've tried 4 or 5 of their flavors but when I came across Quartet, it was love at first puff. Naturally it is is more expensive. I've always had champagne taste on a beer budget but yet I'll point out that as a pack a day smoker even the Quartet is far less expensive on an ongoing basis.

(Posted on 12/25/2016)
By John Swofford

Quartet remains my favorite

In the search for the right ejuice to get me off of cigarettes, I came across Black Note and their special approach to tobacco ejuice. have tried 4 or 5 of them but Quartet came out and I am now smitten. It satisfies at 1.2% nicotine in a way nary another ejuice ever has. Of course, it's more expensive. I've always had champagne taste on a beer budget but for a pack a day smoker this is still cheaper....

(Posted on 12/25/2016)
By Mark

Not For Everyone

I have been vaping Prelude and Forte for a year, and love them both. I had the opportunity to sample Quartet and was pleasantly surprised. First thing you notice is the deep dark color....somehow you know that this isn't going to be a mamby-pamby flavor, and it isn't. It has a distinctive smokey "note" along with a slight bite of pepper/spice on the inhale, but those two features magically meld together into a much milder exhale that is very satisfying. This isn't for everyone, and I wouldn't use it as an "all day" vape...but it's great after a meal, and with coffee. It's a great change of pace, and something I will keep in my inventory.

(Posted on 12/25/2016)
By Natalie

It's growing on me

A sample bottle of Quartet was included with my order- which was a very pleasant surprise. My first impression was not very good. I mean, I didn't completely dislike it, but something about the aftertaste was off putting. I would give it a try here or there, but it was not a taste that I seemed to find enjoyable. Prelude and Forte were the two I kept coming back to.
Except there have been times that I've noticed they have felt a little too light or sweet and not satisfying… after my morning coffee or after meals. I decided to give Quartet a try at those times, when I felt the need for… a deeper, earthier taste… and this morning, after my coffee, I decided to go with Quartet, and that deep, earthy, almost musky taste was actually quite enjoyable. So it seems Quartet might have a place in my tastes after all!

(Posted on 12/24/2016)
By Gary


Very strong tobacco flavor. Some may love it, for me its too strong. There are other black note blends I enjoy better.

(Posted on 12/23/2016)
By Tony

Quartet not for me

I have now tried the whole line up from blacknote Quartet being the last one to try .. to me its too woody tastes like im smoking wood mixed with pepper and tobacco . this is a strong flavour maybe its just me but im not a fan .

(Posted on 12/23/2016)
By Paul

Really good

Closest to real tobacco ive tried every other tobacco ive tried from other brands suck ive tried quarlet and prelude both are great dont waste money on other brands that dont come close

(Posted on 12/23/2016)

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