Instrumenthol - The Ultimate Tobacco E-Juice Sample Box

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Contains: 5 (five) 10 ml bottles
Prelude, Legato, Sonata, Forte, Solo (Menthol)

As the name of our Instrumenthol collection cleverly indicates, this sampling of five popular e-juices contains our Solo menthol blend. You’ll also find the Prelude, Legato, Sonata, and Forte e-juices – all naturally extracted e-juices are a harmony of flavors. Learn more about each of the flavors below and try Black Note’s e-juice sampler and start moving to the music today.

Contents: 5 (five) 10 ml bottles
Total: 50 ml of vaping liquid
VG/PG Ratio: 50/50

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Solo - Start your e-juice tasting journey with the refreshing Solo, a menthol e-juice blend. Because we produce naturally extracted tobacco vaping e-juice, it makes sense our menthol e-liquid recipe would contain natural menthol crystals extracted from matured dried mint leaves. Solo vape juice gives you a refreshing burst of mint, which harmonizes keenly with the other four blends included in the e-juice sample pack.

Prelude – As the sweetest of our tobacco e-juices, the Prelude is a great “all day” vaping liquid and our mildest blend. Prelude will delight all your senses with a bright and aromatic start followed by the sweet yet subtle flavor of the Golden Virginia tobacco.

Legato – earthy and smooth with a slight nutty hint. The Legato embodies the quintessential American tobacco blend but with a subtle a Tuscan flair – an ode to its roots in the Tuscan hillside. Legato is a deliciously mild and satisfying vaping liquid.

Sonata – Mildly sweet and nutty are just two flavors you’ll find is this unique and delicious Cavendish tobacco e-juice. Made from dark Virginia tobacco that is fire-cured and steamed, our Sonata stands out.

Forte – As the name implies, Black Note’s Forte gives you a full-bodied but perfectly balanced flavor. Made from burley tobacco, we take our time to produce this delicious tobacco blend. After harvesting, it’s dried in the shade air-cured for a deliciously smooth and enjoyable vaping experience.

Contents: 50 ml
10 ml Per Bottle
5 x 10 ml = 50 ml


By John

The search is over

All I can say is THANKYOU!,I no longer have to search for exactly what I've been looking longer will I have to deal with a 19 year old kid with an earring through his lip pushing"Strawberry Lemonade" on me when I go into a vape shop...I can enjoy a beautiful tobacco juice like a 51 year old man and not be questioned as to why I want a tobacco flavor.
I've only had the stuff in my house for 3 hours and I'm finally done ever shopping for and wasting money on juice ever again... I literally have stuff here that is drawing fruit flies and is going directly in the garbage.
Finding Black note is like hitting the lottery,I am that pleased...I was very close to returning to plain cigarettes after becoming so frustrated with what's been available to me,I can't begin to tell you how happy i am to FINALLY have found "The Juice"
I am officially a customer for life...THANKS AGAIN for ending the search...✌

(Posted on 10/19/2016)
By Tony


Been vaping for 4 years and have not smoked a single cigarette in that time. These flavours are incredible. I can now enjoy that tobacco taste again without having to buy tobacco. I live in Australia and a 50 gram pouch of tobacco is now $60 and will only keep going up. Excellent job Black note team. Wish I had discovered this sooner. Fast postage to Australia as well.

(Posted on 10/7/2016)
By Chad

Incredible Collection!

I have been a Black Note customer for a while, and while I have my personal favorite (Prelude), I always enjoy trying new flavors. This collection offers the best of both worlds for those who want to experiment with new flavors. I like to keep a stash of flavors around when I introduce my vaping friends to Black Note, and this collection serves the purpose well.

(Posted on 10/1/2016)
By rami

Perfect way to quit smoking

It's the best way to quit smoking without suffering.

(Posted on 9/1/2016)
By Jonathan

The Best by far!

I've tried my share of products but this beats everything!

(Posted on 8/30/2016)
By Crystal


Best way to go to try all of the flavors. Liked them all!

(Posted on 8/27/2016)
By abdul


great collection, pure tobacco taste

(Posted on 8/17/2016)
By Michael

What a Surprise

I bought this to try the menthol flavor. The description sounded so good, I thought "what the heck."

What a surprise! One of the most delicious flavors I have ever tasted. It is going to the top of my rotation!

I have always hated menthol flavored tobacco products because it seemed like you were inhaling something made my Union Carbide. This Black Note blend tastes great and you just know it something you can trust and enjoy.

(Posted on 8/15/2016)
By Carlos


Excellent product, the best I've tasted, and the last from now on.

(Posted on 8/12/2016)
By Muhammad

Original Taste Nothing Fake

Overall good experience, after trying the all notes on number one is Legato, second Sonata, third Forte then Prelude and on last Solo. All the notes taste good, no odor smell at all. my overall rating is 101 %. Legato is one which am looking for, will order again.

(Posted on 8/8/2016)
By Kevan

They are all so great!

This variety is a good starter I dont care for solo personally, but I still wanted to try it!

(Posted on 8/5/2016)
By Guangxin


Amazing fast delivery time. Plus great quality eliquid, providing a great flavor for all occasions.

(Posted on 8/1/2016)
By Paul

quality throughout

New to vaping but cigar smoker for many years. I'm on my 2nd flavor in this sampler and no disapointment yet. Thank you!

(Posted on 8/1/2016)



(Posted on 7/25/2016)
By steve

pure quality authentic tobacco taste...

AMAZING...pretty much sums up the complex flavors of these fine tobacco NET liquids. I didn't know much about vaping and stumbled upon black note from reviews online and I must say, these are the BEST true authentic flavor without any harsh additives like the others. Prelude and forte and on my top list very smooth and flavorful well balanced. I will be trying the others and I can't wait! Thank you so much blacknote team!!!

(Posted on 7/24/2016)
By Phillip

Excellent As Usual

I decided to try this set as i wanted to try the menthol flavor without having to buy a full size bottle. I was not a menthol fan until i tried this one, it is very very pleasant. All the flavors are excellent and i will def continue to purchase these superior e juices. Stop wasting money on all the other company's funky flavors

(Posted on 7/19/2016)

note book

I`m new to vaping and have been trying only products from Halo which is among the best in e-liquids, but the product from Blacknote indeed is above in flavour, if you like real tobacco flavour.
And the shipping was faster than over here in uk. to have it in 5 days from USA!

(Posted on 7/11/2016)
By tayfun


Just excellent

(Posted on 7/9/2016)
By rebecca

At Last!

Hallelujah! Finally a product that manages to replace my beloved American Spirits. I've tried so very many e-tobacco brands and never been as pleased with the taste and effect as I am with Black Note. Especially love the Sonata. Having smoked for 25 years and tried quitting/substituting more times that I'd like to admit, Black Note might just be the ticket. Thank you, Black Note makers- you're doing noble work!

(Posted on 7/8/2016)
By Joseph

Very good!

Great collection to begin with!

(Posted on 7/6/2016)

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