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Solar powered e-cigarettes

Are We Headed Towards Solar Powered E-Cigarettes?

E-cigarette batteries always run out at the worst possible moment – usually when you are away from a source of power running errands or going out. Batteries are an even bigger inconvenience if you decide to go away camping or trekking with some users even switching back to tobacco for these trips. Up until now there was no way of escaping from the predetermined fate of a battery but some e-cigarette manufacturers are producing models that will not run out of power.

New solar powered e-cigarettes are being created right now. These will run off nothing but the sun’s energy for several years but can also be charged on the mains if you happen to be away from the sun. These new devices are not expensive but the question is, should you replace the setup you already have? There good news is that there are actually ways of keeping the same set up but benefitting from solar energy at the same time.

Solar Powered E-Cigarettes 

There is already a good selection of solar powered vaporizers on the market and the majority work in the same way. The e-cigarette looks much like a box mod but has a solar panel fitted on the outside, some have tanks already attached and others have standard threading to fit your own. A word of caution – most solar panel devices only feature 510 threading and have no controls. For many advanced e-cigarette users this simply won’t be powerful enough to be a regularly used device.

The battery is charged by the solar panel. To charge it the device just needs to be left in sunlight or even under light indoors, the amount of time it takes depends on the intensity of the light source. On a bright Californian day,  solar powered e-cigarettes could charge faster than when connected to mains electricity. Not only does this mean that e-cigarettes can be used by people without access to mains power it also is very convenient for anyone who finds their battery dies on a regular basis. Solar powered e-cigarettes will become more popular and more useful as the technology develops. In the meantime, there are several other ways of keeping your battery topped up.

Solar Panels 

Instead of splashing out on a brand new e-cigarette you could simply purchase a portable solar panel and recharge your battery with it. Small solar panels have been available for several years and are usually marketed as being suitable for cellphones and iPods but they will work just as well with an e-cigarette battery. When camping this could be easily set up near your tent and you could use it to charge other electrical devices at the same time. However, like solar powered e-cigarettes a solar panel can be used on a daily basis too. Many can be set up in your car to provide a better source of power than the cigarette lighter. If you often find yourself venturing out into the wilderness or running out of power on a regular basis, then you should consider purchasing one of these.

Spare Batteries

Depending on the type of e-cigarette you use, it may be better to simply carry spare batteries then to invest in solar charging. Some box mods are sealed which means you will not be able to change the batteries over when they run out. Some models do have rechargeable batteries that you can simply replace. If you are using something like an E-go battery, then that can also be easily replaced. The cost of replacement batteries depends entirely on the type of e-cigarette you have and the amount of power it consumes.

External Battery 

External chargers are another solution for battery woes. These devices will usually charge a phone a few times over which means they are perfect for e-cigarettes. You would simply charge the external battery at home and then connect your e-cigarette via USB to it whenever it runs out. Like portable solar panels these devices are also capable of charging other electronics like cell phones and tablets which will come in very handy on your trips away. When these run they out they can also be charged using solar power.

Will you be utilizing solar power to keep your e-cigarette powered up? Do you have any other way of powering e-cigarettes without mains electricity? Share your thoughts in the comments and on our social media pages.


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