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WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Quitting Smoking With A Vape Pen

Quitting smoking is hard. About 93 % smokers who try to quit “cold turkey” – meaning without any form of support – will ultimately fail. So getting some support is important. However, many smokers don’t want to use medicine, and patches and gums often don’t quite do the trick. That’s why more smokers are making the decision to quit smoking with vape pen style e-cigarettes: they offer a similar experience to smoking but help you kick the deadly, combustible element of the habit. But even though vaping is really enjoyable, it’s still not easy to quit. Learning some basic tips about quitting smoking by vaping gives you the best chance of success. 

Tips for Quitting Smoking Cigarettes by Vaping

So what’s the best advice for quitting smoking with a vape pen? Although there are a lot of different tips that can help, we’ve gathered some of the most important ones here.

1 – Start With Higher Nicotine E-Juice

Nicotine is the main thing that makes vaping a great choice for quitting smoking, so getting the right nicotine strength for when you start is crucial. Most e-juice companies offer no nicotine vape liquid, 0.3 %, 0.6 %, 1.2 %, 1.8 % and maybe 2.4 % nicotine, and the upper end of these options are best for just-switching smokers. Choosing your nicotine level isn’t just about getting enough nicotine, though, because too much nicotine can make vaping quite harsh on your throat. The key is striking the right balance to suit your needs.

For a pack-a-day smoker, it’s recommended that you start with 1.8 % nicotine e-juice. This offers plenty of nicotine, but isn’t so much that it starts to get a bit unpleasant on your throat. If you try a 1.8 % nicotine e-juice and don’t find it satisfying enough, it might be worth trying out a 2.4 % nicotine e-juice. However, if 1.8 % is still too harsh on your throat, you should try out a 1.2 % nicotine e-juice and see how that works for you. Really, you want to use as high a nicotine level as you can cope with.

If possible, it helps to try a few e-juices in different nicotine levels to see what works for you. You can either use a friend’s vape pen, head to a local vape store and try a few liquids out, or just buy e-juice in a couple of different nicotine levels. We’d recommend trying 1.8 % and 1.2 % first, but if you smoke more than a pack a day, you might need 2.4 % to really satisfy your cravings.

2 – Vape a Lot

Although you can find the optimal nicotine strength for your e-juice, the truth is that vaping still doesn’t quite get you as much nicotine as smoking does. In fact, research has shown that you have to vape for about 35 minutes on a higher-quality device to get the same amount of nicotine you would from smoking for just 5 minutes. Although modern devices are probably better than this – which is good news for anybody trying to quit smoking with vape pen style e-cigarettes – it’s still an important thing to remember. Vape until you feel satisfied, even if it takes you longer than it would to smoke a cigarette.

3 – Get a Backup Vape Pen

There’s nothing worse than your vape pen running out of battery when you’re out of the house. When that little LED light blinks at you as you’re waiting for the bus, you might feel like your goal of quitting smoking is about to go down the drain. But it doesn’t have to.

If you plan ahead and make sure you have a backup vape pen, this nightmare scenario wouldn’t cause a problem at all – you’d just attach your tank to your spare battery and keep on vaping. Ordinarily, “starter kits” for vape pens will include two batteries as standard, but even if it doesn’t, you should make sure you pick up a spare battery too. And of course, remember to charge it up if you’re going out of the house for a long time!

4 – Find a Great Tobacco Flavor

Although longer-term vapers use a variety of flavors, when you’re first quitting smoking, you’ll probably want a tobacco e-juice flavor. You want something that can replicate the sensation of smoking as much as possible, and an authentic tobacco taste is a big part of that. However, it’s difficult to capture the complexities of the taste of tobacco with mixtures of artificial and natural flavors. That’s why Black Note uses a natural extraction process, so our e-juice takes its flavor from real tobacco leaf, producing an unbeatably genuine tobacco flavor. If you’re looking for that flavor to help you make that final step and kick smoking for good, getting a NET (naturally extracted tobacco) e-liquid could be the best decision you make.

5 – Inhale More Slowly and Softly

To quit smoking with vape pen style e-cigarettes, getting nicotine is the main priority. This is why you need to choose your e-juice carefully and why you’ll probably have to vape for longer than you’d have to smoke. However, there’s another factor that can make a difference: how you inhale.

For smokers, how much you inhale directly impacts how much smoke you get. For vaping, this isn’t the case. If you inhale more sharply, it doesn’t really make a difference. Instead, the amount of vapor you get is dependent on how long you hold the button down on your vape pen. So the best advice if you want a more satisfying vape is to inhale more slowly, more softly and for longer than you would from a cigarette.

The problem is that people who are just quitting smoking tend to inhale like smokers, and research has shown that this is less effective for getting you nicotine when you vape. The longer-term vapers, conversely, inhaled for a longer period of time and got more nicotine as a result.

6 – Vape Pen Not Satisfying? Get a Mod

Most smokers switching to vaping try to quit smoking with vape pen style devices, but this isn’t the only option on the market. In fact, many longer-term vapers use “mods.” These are usually much larger devices which have longer battery life and usually allow you to choose how much power you send to your atomizer. In addition, these devices support a much wider range of tanks and atomizers, including sub ohm tanks. You don’t need a device like this when you’re quitting smoking, but if you don’t find vape pens satisfying enough, you may wish to consider a mod. Some good options are called “all in one” style e-cigs, with the eGrip 2 by Joyetech and the Aspire Plato being two examples.

There are also devices which work like vape pens but have more power, bigger batteries and generally perform more like mods. Examples of devices like this include Joyetech’s eGo One and eGo AIO (all in one). The benefit of these devices over mods is that they’re simpler, but offer similar performance.

7 – You Still Need Willpower

One point which isn’t directly related to quitting smoking by vaping specifically but is still important is that you still need willpower. Many smokers mistakenly think that vaping is a “magic bullet” solution that will remove their desire to smoke immediately with little effort. The reality is that like with all other quitting methods, vaping isn’t a “magic bullet” for quitting smoking. Getting through cravings will still be tough, and it may help to use some additional support, whether from friends, other vapers or professional stop smoking services. Learning some tips for dealing with cravings when you’re quitting smoking can be useful too.

8 – Cutting Down on Nicotine

Finally, the numerous nicotine strengths e-liquid is available in provides a route to ending your nicotine addiction altogether. By gradually making your way down the nicotine levels, taking it one step at a time, you can make your way to using no nicotine vape liquid at your own pace. A non nicotine vape might not seem very appealing, but it still offers the hand-to-mouth action and the sensory experience of smoking. But when you get to this point, you’ve already done the hard work and it should be much easier to stop vaping altogether.

More Advice and Insight Into Quitting Smoking by Vaping

Although we’ve endeavored to include the most important tips above, we have a separate post with plenty of excellent tips and advice on quitting smoking by vaping. We spoke to several prominent vapers about their experiences, and if you want some insight into how vaping helps smokers quit, are looking for more tips, or are interested in what the scientific evidence says about quitting smoking using e-cigarettes, it’s well worth reading. 

The Side Effects of Vaping Compared to Smoking

If you’re quitting smoking by switching to vaping, you should expect to experience some side effects when you first get started. Thankfully, the side effects of vaping pale in comparison to the risks of smoking. However, there are also a few side effects of quitting smoking that you may experience too.

The Side Effects of Smoking

The “side effects” of smoking are more commonly known as “all the reasons you shouldn’t smoke.” The intended effect is to get you nicotine, but the consequences – as most people know – include lung cancer, coronary heart disease, stroke, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), strokes and a ton of other cancers. And that’s before you get onto the other, less serious effects of smoking like coughing, breathing issues, a diminished sense of taste and many others.

The Side Effects of Quitting Smoking

Although quitting smoking is a great idea, it also comes with its own set of side effects. The most obvious of these is a craving for cigarettes, but many smokers who quit also experience other side effects like trouble sleeping, anxiety, frustration, depression, irritability, increased appetite, restlessness, trouble concentrating, coughing, cold symptoms, mouth ulcers, constipation and others.

On the plus side, when you quit smoking for a year, your risk of heart attack drops dramatically, within five years your risk of stroke and various cancers drops, and after 10 years, your lung cancer risk drops by about half.

The Side Effects of Vaping

When you’re quitting smoking by vaping, you may notice a few more minor side effects, and there is some overlap with the side effects of quitting smoking. The most common side effects of vaping are mouth and throat irritation, sore throat, headaches, cough, dizziness and nausea. Thankfully, most of these side effect fade over time, and others can be rectified by changing the device or e-juice you’re using. For instance, high PG e-liquids can cause sore throats and irritation, so switching to a lower-PG e-liquid – like Black Note’s 50/50 blend of PG/VG – can help alleviate this side effect.

Quitting Smoking with a Vape Pen Isn’t Easy, But It’s Worth it

On the whole, the painful, uncomfortable and challenging process of quitting smoking is made much, much easier when you have a vape pen to help you through. While it’s important to remember that quitting smoking is still challenging, if you get yourself a high-quality e-cigarette and follow the advice in this post, you’ll make it as easy as it can be. Stick with it, and don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t go to plan right away. You’ll be smoke-free before you know it.

Lee Johnson is a writer and vaper from the UK. He started vaping in 2012, and since then has contributed to E-Cigarette Reviewed, E-Cigarette Direct’s Ashtray Blog and Vaping360. He strongly believes smokers need accurate information about vaping and other reduced-harm alternatives to smoking. He has a degree in physics from the Open University and a passion for all forms of science.

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