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Maximizing flavor from a vape

Maximizing Flavor from a Vape

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to blow huge clouds of vapor from your e-cigarette, but it is not for everyone. Some vapers want their experience to be flavorful but can be left disappointed by their setup. There are several ways to ensure your e-cigarette is maximizing  flavor no matter the e-liquid. These range from simple adjustments, to overhauling your setup. Either way, you will not be disappointed by the flavor your vape produces.

Wattage and Temperature

As elements of flavor are released at different temperatures, the simplest way to improve flavor is by adjusting wattage and temperature settings. This is very much a trial and error process, however it can significantly help to make sure the flavor you get is just to your taste. To do it, start at the lowest setting and gradually work your way up until you hit the best flavor production. It is worth keeping in mind that this setting will not be the same for every e-liquid, so you will have to readjust temperature settings in order to always maximize flavor.

Reduce Airflow

Cloud chasers love a big airflow, but this will reduce the flavor. Closing off the airflow will create a denser, warmer and more flavorful vapor. You can get atomizers with adjustable airflow settings that make this really easy. It will take a bit of experimentation to get the airflow just right. Too little air and the vapor will be too hot; too much airflow and the flavor will disappear.

Wicks and Coils

Silica wicks used to be standard for all e-cigarettes, however they impact on the flavor of e-liquids. Switching to cotton wicks will help to ensure the flavor is maximized. Japanese organic cotton is the go-to option, and you can actually purchase wicks like this as standard. The coil is also important in the process of flavor production. Kanthal is the most widely used coil material and provides a clean and natural flavor from your e-liquid. Nickel, stainless steel and titanium are also common coil materials. Nickel will have no impact on flavor but the others can actually leave you with a metallic taste.

Airflow Holes

The positioning of the airflow holes is as crucial as the amount of air. Most airflow holes are on the side of the coil, however there is a better way. A lot of sub ohm tanks already have airflow holes underneath the coil which drastically helps when maximizing flavor. And if you’re looking for a dripping atomizer, this is a crucial consideration.

Narrow-Bore Drip Tip

Most modern tanks and atomizers have wide drip holes, however this will negatively impact on flavor as wider holes are more suited to cloud chasing. Try changing to a setup that has a narrower hole. It won’t have a huge impact, but it will make a difference.


E-liquid always tastes better from a fresh wick and coil, but it is completely impractical to change them with each new flavor. Cleaning your wick and coil in hot water every couple of days can help to recreate the fresh wick taste. Simply disassemble your clearomizer, rinse the components in hot water and let them dry thoroughly before putting them back together. If you use a re-buildable setup it is much easier to change wicks and coils on a regular basis.

Vapers Tongue

You are as responsible for the flavor as your setup is. The biggest problem that impacts on flavor is ‘vapers tongue’. There are several explanations for this but it is basically a case of over-indulging in a single flavor. There are many ways to solve this problem, such as sucking a lemon, smelling fresh coffee, drinking water or resting your palate. However, the easiest way is to simply change up your e-liquid entirely. This will reset your taste buds and allow you to enjoy the flavor of e-liquid again.

E-Liquid Storage

If you fail to carefully store your e-liquid, you will find that the flavor begins to degrade. Ensure that you store them away from heat and minimize its exposure to open air. You could also try steeping your e-liquid which can help with maximizing flavor. Working much like wine ageing over time, there are several different methods to do this, however the most common is to store the liquid in a dark, cool spot and give it the occasional shake. Not all e-liquids need it and some will come pre-steeped, but if you want to boost the flavor profile it is well worth giving it a go.

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