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10 top tips for making your New Year’s resolution stick

It’s the beginning of the year and sticking to any New Year’s resolution can be a challenge. If your aim this year is to kick the habit of smoking traditional tobacco and switch to vaping there are plenty of tips and tricks to help you make this year’s resolution a success that could change your life.

Everyone knows that giving up smoking is a difficult and long process, in fact, a government study back in 2011 found that while almost 7 in 10 American smokers wanted to quit and half attempted to give up lighting up just 6% were successful. If you want 2017 to be the year that you stop smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes for good and switch to the vaping alternative instead it will take will power on your part but with our top tips you can make the transition that bit easier.

  1. Try different devices – Many people making the switch say they want an e-cig device that resembles a traditional cigarette initially. But other models can actually give a better flavor, deliver nicotine more effectively, and be more comfortable, so be open to trying something different and discovering what works for you.
  2. Find a supportive network – Whether it’s friends and family or a group of people that are also giving up smoking, a support network can make all the difference. A place where you can get moral support and advice can keep you on track even when temptations kick in and you consider going back to typical tobacco cigarettes.
  3. Pick a supplier that can offer advice – Suppliers of e-cigs can act as part of a support network and be an invaluable source of advice and tips too. We believe that when you’re ready to quit smoking, vaping can support that decision and we want to help our customers be successful. For information, a place to connect with others quitting, and share your story you can visit here.
  4. Have a backup kit – Sometimes e-cig devices can break or your battery runs low without you realizing. Having a backup kit to hand means you won’t have to go cold turkey until you can get another or can plug in, helping to prevent you from reaching to the traditional alternative as another option.
  5. Manage your nicotine levels – Switching to vaping can help you quit smoking by still fulfilling your nicotine cravings. E-liquid nicotine levels can be chosen, giving you the freedom to manage and monitor it yourself. Initially pick out one that matches your current intake but be aware that the nicotine is delivered differently so you may need a higher amount to start with. If you want, you can use this control to gradually cut down on nicotine too.
  6. Learn about vaping – Taking some time to do some research into vaping can help you during the transition phase. There are lots of resources online and many vapers will be more than happy to offer you their tips and advice, from managing cravings to which device to use.
  7. Forgive a mistake – Everyone makes a mistake every now and again and if you slip up and end up having a cigarette don’t let it completely knock you off course. Just try and get back on track afterwards and keep moving forwards towards your goal of being free from traditional cigarettes.
  8. Be patient – Vaping can make it easier to give up cigarettes but that doesn’t mean it will be completely plain sailing. Be patient with yourself and if something is not working, try a different device, nicotine level, or flavor. If you’re still struggling, try focusing on the long-term and the benefits of giving up cigarettes.
  9. Find the right flavor – It’s not just the cravings that leave people reaching for a cigarette but the enjoyment of it too. If you like the flavor of your usual cigarette finding the right vaping flavor can be key. Fortunately, we’ve got plenty of different tobacco flavors to choose from so you can pick out your perfect blend.
  10. Get rid of your smokes – Having old cigarettes lying around makes it much easier to give into temptations and cravings along the way. Set a date for when you’re going to make the switch, learn how to use the electronic device cigarette beforehand, and then get rid of your old smokes too.


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