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How Can You Make An E-Cigarette Battery Last Longer?

Running out of battery when you want to create a glorious cloud and enjoy is one of life’s frustrations. In days gone by, e-cigarette devices used AA batteries with annoyingly short life spans, making for an even more frustrating experience. Thanks to advances in battery technology, much longer lasting lithium-ion batteries not dissimilar to the one in your cell phone now power the majority of e-cigarettes but, this doesn’t mean the dreaded low battery can’t hit just when you need it the most. As with cell phones, there are a few hints, tips and daily habits you can adopt to make the charge last longer.

1. Use Your Battery Regularly

E-cigarette batteries benefit from regular usage. The more they perform, the easier power will flow through the cells. Most e-cigarette batteries are lithium ion, which are designed to be used daily.

2. Charge Before It’s Drained

Don’t let your battery run out of juice then charge it up; this will actually limit the life of the battery. If you notice a slight loss in power take it as a clear sign you should plug in and charge. A low battery will also charge much quicker than one that is drained entirely of power.

3. Don’t Store With Low Charge

You should only store batteries that are fully charged. Storing them with power levels at 50% or less will cause them to drain faster. In a similar way to charging before it’s drained, storing with low charge will limit the battery’s lifespan and effectiveness.

4. Keep Threads Clean

Make sure that the threads on the cartomizer, battery and contacts are clean. They can get dirty or moist so use a cotton swab, Q-tip, or similar to regularly clean these points.

5. Unscrew When Charged

Remove the battery from your device as soon as it has finished charging. This ensures you are not overcharging and damaging the power cells which will limit its lifetime.

6. Disconnect Your Cartomizer

If you’re not going to be using your vaporiser for an extended period of time, then you should remove the cartomizer entirely (this is the bit attached to the battery which holds the heating element and e-liquid). When it’s connected it drains a small amount of power and therefore can reduce your battery life.

7. Store Safely

Many of us don’t think about how the storage conditions can also impact on a battery’s ability to last and last. Exposing the battery to direct sunlight and high temperatures will dramatically affect the lifespan. The same goes for batteries that are dropped, knocked or otherwise bumped and those stored too close to liquids. Battery safety is very important. 

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