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How to kill bad cigarette or cigar breath

How To Kill Bad Cigar or Cigarette Breath

We’ve all stood around people that smell of stale smoke after a particularly heavy night on the cigars or cigarettes. It is the most common complaint levied at smokers. Sometimes it is not about the cigarette or cigar itself smelling but the smoker using them wrong. If you find yourself waking up each day with terrible smoky breath, don’t panic, it can be fixed fairly easily. Read more and learn how to kill bad cigar or cigarette breath. 


Cigars are akin to a fine wine in that their age affects the quality. You’ll also find that like wine or single malt whiskey, the more you spend on a cigar the better the quality is. A really young cigar tastes like ammonia and is full of bitter flavors. These awful flavors will stay on your palate for several days and lead to the dreaded cigar breath, which is not just unpleasant for you, but for everyone around you. To avoid this, always choose a good quality, well-aged cigar over a cheap one. Even if this means smoking less because you are spending a greater amount, you will likely enjoy it more and there won’t be any bad smells the morning after.


Some smokers can almost finish a cigarette in a single drag, but trying to repeat this on a cigar is impossible. There are some smokers who will still try to finish a whole toro in as little as 40 minutes. If this is you, then slow down. The complex flavors of a cigar need to be savored. Smoking a cigar too quickly will also unleash bitter tars which are not pleasant and will linger in your mouth for hours or even days afterward. Simply slow it down and take a little break between each puff. Resting it on an ashtray will allow it to cool further and stops the release of any nasty flavors.

Covering the smell

If you still get complaints the morning after smoking a cigarette or a cigar, then you will have to eliminate the smell. The first reaction is to rush for gum and mouthwash but this is entirely the wrong approach. Both gum and mouthwash simply mask the smell, meaning your odor will be that of minty smoke – which is almost as unpleasant.

Cleaning your tongue is an essential part of oral hygiene and will also reduce the effect of cigar or cigarette breath. You can get tongue scrapers from your dentist or they can be purchased from most pharmacies. This will remove any cigar or tobacco slime from your mouth and stop the bad odor. Clean the scraper in an anti-bacterial solution regularly, to maintain its effectiveness stopping bad odors.

 – it’s taken from the green pigments in plant and can help remove toxins. While no-one sells chlorophyll, it is incredibly easy to get. Simply chew on herbs like parsley for a few minutes after smoking. It may not taste especially pleasant but it will get rid of your bad breath. If you don’t fancy chewing on herbs, citrus can have a similarly positive effect. Try drinking a glass of limeade or eating an orange.

Time and food are the keys to ensuring that cigar and cigarette breath passes quickly. If you’re having a heavy night on scotch and cigars you should expect to wake up with bad breath.

Make sure you drink water before bed and eat in the morning, this will eliminate any odors from the night before.


Continually fielding complaints about bad breath can be very grating. You can ditch the cigars and the bad breath but keep the pleasant flavors by switching to e-cigarettes combined with a high-quality e-liquid. Naturally extracted tobacco e-liquids have many of the flavors of your favorite cigars but do not cause bad breath. Our own range of e-liquids are extracted from natural tobacco leaves and will satisfy your cigar cravings.


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