Is it Possible to Vape Without Nicotine?

Is it Possible to Vape Without Nicotine?


Have you ever wondered why practically all e-liquid makers have a nicotine-free version of their product? There’s a huge demand for nicotine-free e-liquids because of the many benefits that come with them, chief amongst which is the absence of nicotine, which is highly addictive.

Most vapers start vaping to wean off nicotine until they eventually hit zero and successfully break out of their nicotine addiction. Some of these persons may choose to continue vaping, but by then, they’re no longer vaping to satisfy a need or addiction. For many, this is one of the last stages of successfully quitting tobacco smoking. 

If you have kids around you and fear your nicotine vape liquids may get into the wrong hands, nicotine-free e-liquids mean you don’t have to worry so much. Unlike e-liquids that contain nicotine, those without nicotine are made almost entirely from food-grade ingredients. The smart thing to do is to keep all e-liquids out of the reach of children and pets – the absence of nicotine doesn’t guarantee absolute safety while inhaling. 

The journey to nicotine-free vaping is a step-by-step process, and as long as you tick off each milestone, you’d be sure to meet your goal of being free from nicotine addiction. 


Once you’ve switched to vaping, the next step is to begin reducing the nicotine level in your e-liquid. E-liquids come in a wide range of strengths, and reducing the intake should be done step by step. So say you currently vape at 20mg/ml, consider moving down to commonly available strengths like 15mg/ml or 12mg/ml rather than making a plunge straight to 3mg/ml. This process will take some time, so listening to what your body tells you will guide your decision. 


The difference between an e-liquid with 3mg/ml of nicotine and one that’s free from nicotine is dramatic, and for some smokers making the switch from tobacco smoking to nicotine-free vaping, this could be an issue. Vapers that equate the nicotine throat hit with a feeling of satisfaction can go with e-liquids that give this throat hit without nicotine. 

The easiest way to get this throat hit without nicotine is by choosing e-liquids containing minty flavors, menthol or other coolant forms. The intense cooling sensation from these e-liquids can be likened to nicotine, making the transition easier. 

Another option is going with flavors that have a more noticeable throat hit. Citrus flavors like lemon and grapefruit or spicy flavors like cinnamon give more pronounced throat hits, similar to what you get from nicotine. 



Naturally, e-liquids don’t exist in strengths below 3mg/ml, although there might be some that do. If you’re having difficulties finding one below the 3mg/ml strength, the solution is to mix two existing nicotine strengths to make your custom strength e-liquid. 

To dial your nicotine strength down, mix one part of a 3mg/ml e-liquid with one part of a nicotine-free e-liquid. The volume of the respective mixture would depend on the strength you’re looking to get. 



The final part of making the switch to nicotine-free vaping is to think now and again about the benefits of nicotine-free vaping. The main benefit is that you will no longer be addicted to nicotine, making it easier to stop vaping. 

Another major benefit is that nicotine-free vaping is the cheapest way to vape. Most vapers purchase those with nicotine; hence the price of nicotine-free alternatives is usually cheaper. 

In conclusion, if you’re able to look past the idea of vaping always having to include nicotine, you will find some pretty interesting flavors out there, free of nicotine. To learn more about these flavors and products, do well to click on this link to read other articles. 

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