Nicotine Drop Incentive

Introducing Nicotine Drop Incentive

Want a Dose of Motivation? Less Nicotine, Less Pay. 

Black Note has been on a mission to help create a smoke-free and vape-free world, and only people like you can help our mission succeed.

The first part of our mission involves putting down cigarettes, which many have achieved with the Black Note line of tobacco vaping liquids that actually tastes like real tobacco.

The second part of our mission involves putting down vaping, which is where you come in.

Gradually decreasing the nicotine levels in your vaping liquid will gradually wean you off nicotine. And we’re offering a dose of motivation for you to hop on board: prices that gradually decrease along with the nicotine content. 

The Lower the Nicotine Content, the Lower Our Prices

The price for a 30 ml bottle of any of our six blends starts at $23 for the highest level of nicotine.  Prices then decrease with each decrease in the nicotine level. Prices on the 30 ml of our six blends would then be:

  • $23: 18 mg nicotine
  • $22: 12 mg nicotine
  • $21: 6 mg nicotine
  • $20: 3 mg nicotine
  • $19: 0 mg nicotine

Notebook prices will decrease by $2 with each decrease in nicotine level.

We’re decreasing prices to coincide with decreasing nicotine content to give people incentive, however small, to continuously decrease their nicotine intake.

People who vape at 0.0% nicotine can much more easily stop vaping altogether if that’s their goal. We’ve always said that Black Note is the second-best alternative to smoking. The first is stopping using nicotine consumption altogether.

How the New Prices Fit into Our Mindset

Sure, Black Note cares about making money so we can stay in business. But our financial bottom line is not our ultimate bottom line.

What we care most about are:

  • People (that’s you!)
  • The planet
  • Our mission outlined above

You already heard how people like you are integral to helping us fulfill our mission. And the planet is part of our mission as we work to make the world a better place. Our contribution to the planet comes through many of our efforts, which include using only non-GMO seeds, sustainable tobacco farming, recycled packaging, and contributing a portion of each sale to select charities. 

Knowing you’re doing good for yourself, good for charities and good for the earth adds even more motivation to try Black Note real tobacco vaping liquid. Start at the $23 level and work your way down, or go right for the lowest, or zero nicotine. Any nicotine level is going to give you the same amazing experience: real tobacco vaping liquid that actually tastes like real tobacco.

Black Note hopes to help you put down cigarettes, and eventually put down vaping. Then our mission of creating a smoke-free and vape-free world would be complete – and we would hope the entire industry followed suit.

We Care, That’s Why We Welcome Losing You

In fact, we would welcome losing you as a customer – if it meant you stopped smoking and vaping altogether. We wouldn’t want to lose you because we don’t care about you, but because we DO care about you. 

We don’t want you to vape forever. If you decide to stop vaping, you will find the following tips helpful: 

We’ve always said that Black Note is the second-best alternative to smoking. Quitting altogether is the first. We want adult ex-smokers to vape responsibly, but we don’t want them to vape forever. That means we are, in a way, in business to eventually go out of business. If everyone stop vaping, we will embark on another socially responsible project that serves a greater good. 

Who knows, we might introduce a disruptive, groundbreaking, awe-inspiring product that eliminates other unwanted things from our lives – like washing dishes or daylight saving time!

In the interim, please join us in creating a smoke-free and vape-free world – while saving money along the way. 

Black Note Team 

P.S. Our idea of us going out of business if everyone stopped vaping is not a new idea. In fact, we trademarked “in business to go out of business” with registration No. 5727549 in 2018 after using it for some time. We knew all along being smoke-free and vape-free is the best way to be.

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