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how to vape during holidays

10 Etiquette Tips for How to Vape During the Holidays

Vaping is becoming more common, but unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that everyone is on board. And for some vapers, that makes determining when, where and how to vape during the holidays a somewhat stressful decision.

And since the holidays can already be taxing, we’re here to help make it a little bit easier. With our 10 rules for how to vape during the holidays, you can spend time with your friends and family without worry:

1. Know the location

If you’re going to a friend or family holiday gathering, it’s likely that you know the host pretty well. So first, consider their house rules and what you already know about their perception on vaping to help you determine if you can vape inside their home.

Next, think about cigarette smoking. If the host is a cigarette smoker but doesn’t smoke inside, it’s likely that they won’t mind if you vape indoors — but it’s still important to be polite and ask first.

2. Consider the guests

Whether you’re hosting a holiday dinner or attending one elsewhere, make a list of who’s coming — from grandparents to little nephews and nieces. Next, think about how each guest would react to the vapor or smell. If even one person might be unaccepting of it, consider not vaping indoors even in your own home. Those little sacrifices can go a long way during the holidays, like keeping stress low and family drama minimal.

3. When in doubt, ask

If you still can’t determine if it’s okay to vape indoors, it never hurts to ask. Again, this rule still applies if you or someone else is the host.

Remember: The worst thing that could happen is someone saying “no.”The adage, it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission, does not ring true in this situation.

4. Avoid vaping around children

The cutest (and noisiest) part of every holiday gathering is the children — usually a lot of them, too. So even if it’s okay to vape indoors, always ensure children aren’t around. This rule of thumb is also best to avoid any conflict with Mom and Dad.

5. Vape in private

If you want to vape but can’t indoors, just step outside away from guests. Or even consider vaping in your car to completely avoid confrontation, if you know some of the guests won’t like it.

how to vape etiquette tips

6. Remember the occasion

The holidays consist of many types of get-togethers other than being with your family and friends, like meeting your significant other’s family for the first time. Because what’s a better occasion to meet their family than the best time of the year, right?

So, remember the occasion and why you’re there. In this case, ask your partner if their family is accepting of vaping. But ultimately, consider leaving your mod in the car to ensure you’ll make the very best first impression.

7. Avoid confined spaces

Since vaping can sometimes lead to rather large clouds of vapor, it’s best not to vape in small or confined rooms — even if you’re a stealth vaper. This means not vaping in a small room with even one or two other people, or a large room packed with family and friends. Vaping in each type of room can become problematic when there’s not much space for everyone to move around.

8. Never vape where food is served

Take a cue from most restaurants you visit and avoid smoking where food is served. If you’re around friends and family who aren’t used to the scent, it may affect their appetite — especially if the scent of your e-liquid interferes with the aroma of the food they’re consuming.

Instead, wait until appetizers, dinner and dessert are over so everyone has a chance to enjoy their holiday dinner.

9. Leave pungent vapors at home

Many flavored e-liquids have strong scents. And while you may love it, others may not. So before you pack up your vape and juices to head over to your holiday event, leave the pungent ones at home and bring ones that have a lighter aroma.

10. Don’t vape where you can’t smoke

Ultimately, always be mindful of your surroundings while you’re attending holiday gatherings. And to help, remember this simple, bottom-line rule: Don’t vape where you can’t smoke. While vaping has many benefits over cigarettes, treat vaping like smoking during the holidays to avoid any conflict or stress while you’re spending time with your family and friends.
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