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How do I avoid Vape Battery Explosions?

Every battery out there has the potential to explode, and vaporizer batteries are no different. Vaping is seen mainly as a safe alternative to conventional tobacco smoking, so news of vape batteries exploding can be disheartening. However, with proper safety procedures, the occasional incidence of a vape battery exploding can be put to bed.

In this article, we share ways you can reduce vape battery explosions. 

“Protect your vape from extreme temperatures by not leaving it in direct sunlight or in your car on a hot summer day or freezing cold night, and do not charge it in extreme temperatures. Don’t vape around flammable gasses or liquids, such as oxygen, propane, or gasoline.” – FDA.gov

A good number of cases of vape batteries exploding occur when you attempt to charge the vape device with an incompatible charger. Sticking with manufacturer-recommended chargers is the only way to go. Unfortunately, the only way to ensure you’re doing so is by purchasing your vape device and accessories from the right company.

Do Not Allow Your Battery To Overcharge 

Research reveals that 80% of vape battery explosions occur when the vaporizer is charged. You risk overheating and exploding when you expose your vaporizer batteries to electric flow longer than expected. You should charge at most 4 hours per time and unplug once fully charged.

Do Not Leave Your Vape in Direct Sunlight, Freezing Cold, or in Your Car

When you release your vaping device to the sun, it removes excessive warming, and the battery can be harmed when exposed to the sun or water for a long time. In addition, water can be more hazardous since it can cause starts which may prompt fires. So whatever device you’re using, please keep it in a dry spot and away from unnecessary sunlight. 

Don’t Carry Vape Batteries in Your Pocket

Ensure you transport batteries in a case and not in your pocket, where they can come in contact with metal objects like keys and cars. When batteries come in contact with keys or coins, it can result in disaster. Getting a plastic case from your vape vendor or switching it off when in your pocket will help keep it safe (this will prevent random changes to your device, which could result in damage).

Be Especially Careful with Your E-cigarette or Vape POD

Batteries on e-cigarettes can fail when they’re dropped from a significant height. Cylindrical-shaped vape devices are especially prone to such damage. Still, manufacturers of vape batteries have begun to implement safeguards to keep batteries safe.

It would be best if you were on the lookout for products that have been evaluated for safety. A UL mark on the product or packaging signifies that the product has been certified safe.

Also, if you drop your device, ensure you inspect it for damage and if in doubt, throw it away.

Read and Understand the Manufacturer’s Recommendation on the use and Care of Your Device

Reading and understanding the manufacturer’s recommendation on how to care for your device will go a long way in preventing explosions and fires from the battery. Proper storage and charging are crucial to extending your device’s battery life. Knowing the device you’re using as much as possible is essential in preventing explosions.

Finally, the vaping industry is still very young. Your best protection against vape battery explosions is knowledge of your device and how to handle its charge and batteries. So, do your own research.

This article provides information on vape battery explosions and how to prevent them.

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