A Guide To Vaping Devices: Getting The Right E-Cig For Your Needs

The world of vaping devices is diverse. This may give smokers tons of options for switching to the safer alternative, but at the same time the variety of devices on the market can be overwhelming to a new user. How do you go about finding the right e-cigarette for your needs? Do you want a mod or an eGo-style e-cigarette? Are there any advantages to cigalike e-cigarettes?

This infographic presents the key characteristics of the three main types of e-cigarette on the market: “cigalikes,” eGo-style e-cigarettes and “mods.” But not every type is created equally, and most smokers will be best suited to one type of e-cigarette over the others, so the infographic also gives a run-down of the key benefits and limitations of each type of device and it can guide you to buy the best e-liquid based on this information, you can match your needs to a specific type of device, but we’ve also suggested what type of smoker or vaper each type of device is well suited to and not so well suited to. In a nutshell, the infographic helps you find the right type of e-cig for your needs.


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