Flying With Vape – Can You Travel With it on a Plane?

Flying With Vape

Flying With Vape – Can You Travel With it on a Plane?

Planning on a short or long trip to Europe, America, Africa, or within the US but unsure if you can take your vape with you on your flight? Yeah, that is something to genuinely worry about, given that smoking cigarettes are banned on all commercial flights worldwide.

In this article, we will try to answer the question, “can I travel on a plane with my vape?”

If you have quit smoking cigarettes and completely transitioned to vaping, chances are that your cravings for nicotine would have drastically reduced. But as a vaper that you are already, you want to ensure that your little buddy and other vaping supplies go with you on your flight, especially if you plan to spend a couple of days or weeks in your destination.

The good news is that you can take your vape with you on a plane, but you must be aware of the dos and don’ts before proceeding. So, we recommend you stick around and read the following essential guides to traveling with your vape on a plane.

Before we proceed, here are vital things you need to be aware of:

  • Vaping and charging your vape device’s battery during a flight is highly hazardous and strictly prohibited. You don’t want to endanger your life and the life of others.
  • It’s also best to check in with airline authorities to know more about their restrictions, rules, and policies to ensure that you are not breaking any.

That said, let us proceed to give you the answer to “how do I take my vape on a plane?” without getting into a world of trouble with the TSA. Speaking of problems, ensure to find out if your destination country allows vaping and what their vaping legal age limit is. Also, note that there can be abrupt changes in international vaping laws without your prior notice.

Read more on vaping legal age limit  (hyperlink to the blog post)

How Do I Take My Vape on a Plane?

We are back to the major question, how do I take my vape on a plane? The outward look of a vape is simple and nothing serious. Often, people wonder why there’s even any need to search “how do I take my vape on a plane” on Google. What is so special about something so small? What makes a vape so special and an object of airline scrutiny is the fact that it is equipped with a lithium-ion battery. If you know anything about lithium-ion batteries, you should know how quickly they can overheat and explode, especially when mishandled. Couple that with the higher air pressure in a plane cruising at a higher altitude, and you may have a better insight into why travelers bombard Google and even vaping product sellers with the “how do I take my vape on a plane” question.

Here are the standard rules and policies most airlines have regarding taking a vape on their planes:

  • All vaping devices with irremovable batteries cannot be included in checked luggage. Therefore, such vapes must be switched off, packed, and stuffed in your hand luggage
  • Every spare and extra battery must be packed and secured in your hand luggage. Batteries should be carefully packed in such a way that prevents the metal terminals from coming in contact with each other as well as other metals.
  • The only vaping device that may be included in your checked luggage is the one with a removable battery, in which case you have to remove the removable battery and secure it in your hand luggage, following the guidelines above. In case you wonder what happens If you put a vape in checked luggage, it will be forcefully removed even without your notice, and you will risk losing the vape as a whole.

These rules circumventing bringing your vape on a plane may appear overboard at first glance, but after considering the possible catastrophes it can cause (and how it can be simply avoided), you will have a rethink. The importance of preventing fire hazards in a plane cannot be overstated. Keeping your batteries in your hand luggage in the pressurized cabin lowers the risk of fire hazards to a reasonable level. Moreso, the in-flight air hosts/hostesses can swiftly respond to any issue and quickly curb it before it poses any severe threat.

Now that you know how to take your vape on a plane, can you bring vape juice on a plane in 2022? Unlike your vape device, there’s not so much special about your vape juice. It falls under the category of liquids and gels; therefore, the rules guiding the carrying of any liquid or gel-ish substance on a plane also cover the carrying of vape juice.

In other words, airlines’ policies regarding traveling with liquids are equally applicable to all kinds of liquid and gel products that you may have in your possession, including your toothpaste, shampoo, syrups, soda, and of course, your vape juice as well as any vape pods filled with e-liquid.

Here are the standard rules and policies most airlines have regarding taking vape juice on their planes:

Like every other liquid, vape juice must be carried in your hand luggage.

The bottle of vape juice must not be more than 1oz (approximately 30ml). You may have to separate it into other bottles if you have more quantity.

Your bottle of vape juice must be contained in one quart-sized bag with the zipper preferably at the top and stuffed in your hand luggage. Bear in mind that you will have to remove it from your hand luggage later at the security checkpoint for special inspections. After this, you can proceed to the next stage.

Many vapers have also asked, “will TSA check my vape juice?” The short answer is no. Ensure they are well packed in your hand luggage and do not exceed the quantity limit per bottle.

Key Takeaways

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