Flavored Tobacco Products Banned in California After Proposition 31 Passes

To our Black Note customers living in California: This new ban will not impact your ability to order and receive our natural tobacco e-liquids. Please continue to confidently place orders for your favorite Black Note e-liquids and devices through blacknote.com.

The big news in the vaping industry is Proposition 31 being passed in California on November 9th, 2022. If you’re not familiar with this proposition, it gave voters the opportunity to ban the selling of flavored tobacco products in California. This ban also affects menthol cigarettes.

Just in case you’re wondering how close of a vote it was, here are the numbers:

“California’s ban will hamper the tobacco industry’s ability to market to young people and the Black community, which he says have been disproportionately targeted by the marketing of flavored products.” – Matt Myers, president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

If you’re a vaper who lives in California, this article will highlight how this outcome impacts your vaping experience.

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What Helped Proposition 31 Pass – Billionaire Michael Bloomberg

To put things into context, this law was postponed for two years because tobacco companies got enough signatures opposing it. Thanks to the massive financial contributions of Michael Bloomberg, the initiative had the support it needed to get passed on November 9th. Bloomberg outspent the entire tobacco industry, contributing nearly $47 million in support of the ban.

Here’s a List of What’s Banned by California’s Prop 31

To make it easier for you, here’s a list of the tobacco products banned here in California:

  • All vaping products in flavors other than tobacco
  • Nicotine-free e-liquid
  • So-called “flavor enhancers” (which possibly includes one-shot DIY mixes)
  • Flavored nicotine pouches
  • Menthol cigarettes
  • Flavored small cigars
  • Flavored smokeless tobacco (including snus) 

Please keep in mind hookah products, pipe tobacco and cigars are not banned by this new law.

Proposition 31’s Impact on California Vapers

How does this new ban affect your vaping experience? Well, it’s going to be a lot harder to purchase flavored tobacco products from local retailers. And it may also limit your options when it comes to ordering flavored tobacco products online. This ban makes it illegal for vaping companies to ship these banned tobacco products to you if you live in California.

Why Ban Flavored Tobacco Products?

This ban was important to California voters because they want to protect kids and teenagers. Flavored tobacco products make it easier to influence younger generations to try them and become addicted. According to Stanford University professor, Robert Jackler said flavors attract kids to tobacco products because they make them more palatable, removing their harsh taste. Professor Jackler is a noted expert in tobacco marketing.

When Does the Flavored Tobacco Ban Start?

The ban will go into effect on the fifth calendar day after election results are certified on December 16. That would make the date, December 21, 2022.

“Flavors hook kids. Eighty-five percent of kids who use e-cigarettes use flavored e-cigarettes.” – Matt Myers, president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

Like California, Other States Will Likely Ban Flavored Tobacco

The vote to ban flavored tobacco in California, which includes e-cigarettes, may inspire other states to do the same. It’s a stronger possibility this is just the beginning of more bans to come throughout the country. This ban received so much support in California that it’ll be hard for states and federal regulators to ignore anti-smoking advocates in each state.  

It’s worth noting that Massachusetts and Washington, D.C have already taken similar measures as California. And the momentum of this California ban doesn’t stop here in the US. You can find similar actions against flavored tobacco products, including Menthol e-cigarettes, happening in Canada, throughout Europe and the UK.

What’s a Better Alternative to Flavored Tobacco Products?

If you’ve ever wanted to find a better alternative to your flavored tobacco, now is a good time to look at your options. One option worth considering is natural tobacco vaping liquids. 

For example, our vaping liquids are made from real tobacco and don’t use sweeteners, additives and synthetic nicotine. Black Note natural tobacco e-liquids offer a vaping experience much closer to smoking cigarettes – a claim validated by thousands of customers, here in California and throughout the world.

Is Natural Tobacco Vaping Liquids Right for you?

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