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5 Ways to Get More Nicotine When You Vape

For most of us, vaping is all about getting enough nicotine to stay smoke-free. But for vapers just switching from smoking it can be difficult to get the nicotine you’re looking for, especially if you’re using a simpler device. So if you’re struggling to make the switch because you can’t get a satisfying amount of nicotine, is there anything you can do about it? Do you need to upgrade to a more advanced device to get more nicotine? Is increasing the nicotine strength of your e-liquid all you can do?

The good news is that there are plenty of things you can try to get yourself more nicotine, and here are five approaches to try out:  

1 – Increase Your Power Setting/Switch to a Lower-Resistance Coil

In general, vaping at a higher power setting produces more vapor and gets you more nicotine. If you have a VW (variable wattage) mod or vape pen, this is really easy to do – just turn your wattage up and keep vaping. Most modern coils have a recommended wattage range printed on them, and you can approach the upper end of this limit to get more nicotine.

If you don’t have a VW e-cig of any type, you still might be able to increase the power you’re vaping at. Reducing the resistance of the coil is equivalent to increasing your wattage, so you might be able to get more power this way. The only limitation is the minimum resistance supported by your device, and you should make sure to check this before you vape, especially if you’re going to be using any sub ohm coils. This information is usually in your device’s manual, but you can usually find it online too.

2 – Take Longer Puffs

One very simple approach to getting more nicotine when you vape is to take longer puffs. On a basic level, if you take a longer puff you’ll inhale more vapor, and so you’d expect to get more nicotine per puff too. However, there is also some evidence of a direct link between puff length and absorbing more nicotine when you vape.

A study looked at the differences between experienced vapers and new vapers in terms of how they vaped and how much nicotine they got. This found that experienced users tended to absorb more nicotine, and also took longer puffs on average. This is one of the ways vaping is a bit different from smoking – you need to puff for longer to get more vapor rather than inhaling more sharply – and the more experienced vapers in the study knew this. If you’re still vaping as if you’re smoking, taking longer puffs could make a big difference.  

3 – Use a Higher-Strength E-Juice

This is the most obvious way to get more nicotine when you vape: choose a higher nicotine strength e-liquid. Here at Black Note, we offer 0, 3, 6, 12 and 18 mg/ml nicotine in our e-liquids, with the 12 and 18 mg/ml options being specifically intended for newer vapers and people with less powerful devices. If you’re not satisfied by your vaping experience, switching to a higher nicotine level will increase your throat hit, but it’s the best approach to solving your issue.

4 – Try Sub Ohm Vaping

Reducing your resistance will improve your vapor production and get your more nicotine even if you don’t get down to sub ohm levels, but there’s a reason sub ohm vaping is popular. Sub ohm tanks combine very low resistance coils (under 1 ohm by definition) with great airflow and efficient wicking to substantially improve your vapor production. If you’re unsatisfied by vaping and you’re willing to upgrade your equipment, getting a sub ohm tank and a mod is the best investment you can make. However, there are also some sub ohm vape pens on the market if you want something a bit simpler.

Most vapers reduce their nicotine level when switching to sub ohm vaping to compensate for how much more nicotine it gets you and to reduce the throat hit. You can try your current nicotine strength in the new setup, but if it’s too much nicotine or the throat hit is too strong, then try out a lower-nicotine e-juice.  

5 – Try Naturally Extracted E-Liquids: 

Finally, if traditional e-liquids don’t satisfy you even after following the tips in this post, there are some extra things you can try. Not all e-liquid is the same when it comes to nicotine. Some vapers find Naturally Extracted Tobacco (NET) e-liquids more satisfying than traditional types. These contain nicotine, but also other similar chemicals found naturally in tobacco, which accentuate and complement nicotine’s effects. If you’re really struggling to quit smoking, a NET e-liquid could make the difference for you.

If All Else Fails, Chain Vape

The tips in this post should give you enough ways to increase the amount of nicotine when you vape. However, if you’re still having problems there is something else you can do: just chain vape. If you’ve decided to vape because you’re concerned about the health risks of smoking, then returning to combusted tobacco shouldn’t be an option. It might not be ideal, but even if it means you have to vape a lot throughout the day, it’s still better than running all the risks associated with continued smoking.

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