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WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Quit Smoking

Essential things to help you quit smoking

Everyone knows that giving up smoking is a challenge. In fact, just 6% of smokers that attempt to quit smoking actually succeed. Having the right things in place when you put down tobacco cigarettes for the last time can really help you improve your chances of quitting smoking permanently. While giving up is tough, the support of your family and friends as well as having nicotine replacement options on hand can make it that bit easier.

What helps you quit smoking varies from person to person but these six factors can give you the extra boost you need to quit smoking for good, improving your health and saving money in the process.

A plan

Having a clear plan in your mind before you give up can get the process off to a good start. Being able to prepare mentally before you quit smoking can help you get in the right mind frame and have a positive outlook for the steps you’re taking. 

Setting a start date and ensuring that all cigs are removed from your home, car, work, and any other place you have a pack handy is a good place to start. Letting everyone you know you’re quitting can help too – it means you’re less likely to back out or put it off for another day or week as the expectation is already there. Get organised as well, if you’re using vaping, nicotine patches, or anything else to support your efforts get them ready and ensure they’re close to hand to cut off any cravings quickly.


Even with all the support in the world, there’s no denying that willpower plays a significant role in helping you to quit smoking. To be successful you’ll need to have the willpower not only to resist picking up a cigarette when the cravings come but to break habits you have formed, sometimes over decades. The focus and self-discipline that you need is the reason that many people fail when they are pressured into giving up, it needs to be something that you want and will work towards.


For when your willpower wavers and you’re tempted to give up, a support network can be invaluable. Whether it’s family and friends who will keep you distracted when you’re tempted to reach for a cigarette or someone who has successfully quit in the past offering tips, support can help you reach your aims.

If you need it, it’s also possible to access medical support, who may offer therapy that could make giving up easier, and support groups dedicated to quitting smoking. Knowing you have someone or a group to turn to that will help you meet your aims when it’s a struggle can make all the difference. 


It’s not just the withdrawal from nicotine that leads to people failing to give up cigarettes but falling back into old habits. Even when you’re not craving a cigarette you can want to reach for one simply because it’s what you’re used to doing.

Creating distractions that keep your mind and hands occupied can help you break habit and form new ones. People often have ‘triggers’ that are associated with smoking and figuring out yours and avoiding them can help, whether its alcohol, friends that are lighting up, or having a coffee in the morning.


Although vaping is not a replacement for smoking, for some smokers giving up, vaping can help. Depending on the delivery system you choose, vaping can mimic smoking traditional cigarettes and help those that are struggling with breaking habits. Vaping gives your something to do with your hands at the times you would normally be smoking and can be used to deliver nicotine and reduce cravings if you pick an e-liquid that contains nicotine. 

According to one study, around 80% of smokers that use vaping either quit smoking altogether or substantially reduce their use of cigarettes over a year. Over 40% had quit smoking, a significant improvement on the overall quitting rate without support.  

Nicotine replacement

The nicotine cravings are often one of the most challenging aspects of giving up smoking. Nicotine replacement therapy can help control these cravings and gradually cut down on nicotine intake until it’s possible to cut it out altogether. As well as vaping e-liquids containing nicotine, there are lots of different options to find a solution that suits you, including gum, patches, nasal sprays, and more.


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