What Ingredients Are Used in Your E-Liquid?

Black Note: The Mentality of a Fine Wine

Patience, passion and high-quality ingredients. That’s what goes into making fine wine, brewing premium beer – and crafting Black Note real tobacco vaping liquid. The technology and mentality we use to produce our natural tobacco vaping liquids are generally akin to those used to produce high-caliber wines and beers, not the mindset used to make synthetic vaping products.

Synthetic Tobacco Flavor vs. Genuine Tobacco Flavor Extracts

Unlike synthetic or chemically treated vaping liquids, Black Note contains genuine tobacco flavor extracts we derive from real tobacco leaves. Also unlike synthetic vaping liquids, which can contain a smattering of ingredients you can’t pronounce, our vaping liquid contains five straightforward components.

5 Ingredients in Black Note


We use free-based, 100% natural nicotine from carefully selected tobacco leaves with near zero impurities. The tobacco leaves are sourced and certified by Swiss-based Alchem International, and they significantly exceed EP/USP standards.

Real tobacco extract:

Our tobacco flavors are naturally extracted from Non-GMO tobacco leaves, leading to a complex, nuanced taste that comes closer than most e-liquids can to the genuine character of tobacco.

Propylene glycol (PG):

Black Note contains the highest USP Kosher-certified PG, with a minimum of 99.7% purity.

Vegetable glycerin (VG):

The VG we use is also the highest USP Kosher certified. It’s also FU certified, which denotes the highest level of certification from a purity standpoint.

Filtered Water:

Even the water we use in our vaping liquids is of the highest purity and quality.

Patience, Passion, High-Quality Ingredients

Black Note is 100% committed to the technology and science that produces the world’s best tobacco vaping experience. In fact, creating a truly superior alternative to the pleasures derived from conventional combustible tobacco is the reason we exist. Give Black Note a try today.

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