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WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
eliquid flavors to avoid

5 E-Liquid Flavors to Avoid

The range of flavored e-liquids available is part and parcel of the allure, offering something that traditional cigarettes don’t. However, just because vaping is available in huge variety of flavors, it doesn’t mean all are worth trying.

With so many weird, wonderful and extreme combinations, some flavors could actually have a negative impact on your health. This ultimately boils down to the fact that some ingredients in e-liquid flavors are for consumption, not inhalation.

So before you go out shopping for your next favorite e-liquid, familiarize yourself with these five e-liquid flavors to avoid and why:


In 2000 at a microwave popcorn manufacturing plant, several workers were diagnosed with something called bronchiolitis that was later coined “popcorn lung.” The sickness was eventually linked to an airborne exposure of diacetyl, a butter flavoring chemical. This is the same chemical that could be in your popcorn flavored e-liquids.

Some studies suggest that chemicals like diacetyl may impair your respiratory system. Plus, OSHA regulations have now categorized diacetyl has an inhalation hazard.


Quite a few e-liquids on the market are coffee flavored — and while delicious, they can be harmful because many contain caffeine. Research has shown that caffeine takes about 40 minutes to reach peak concentration in the blood. However, there is no information about how long it takes when being absorbed through the lungs.

We can hypothesize that the process happens much quicker when the caffeine comes into direct contact with the bloodstream without being digested first. Therefore, it could mean that it is much easier to take in more caffeine than the body can handle.


While there are no official chili flavored e-liquids (at least not that we know of), it hasn’t stopped vapers from putting it in their mods. Chili powder can cause coughing, choking and spluttering — and no vape should ever have this effect.

Chili may be a common cooking ingredient but it is a neurotoxin that in high doses can cause seizures, heart attacks and even death.


The next time you think about spicing up the liquids in your vape, you might want to look past the cinnamon flavors. Cinnamaldehyde is the organic compound that gives cinnamon its flavor, but for the cinnamon-flavored e-liquids that contain it, scientists have discovered that the compound may actually affect the function of your immune cells.

And to take that even further, in some cases, these cinnamon-flavored e-liquids could even be more harmful to your body than cigarettes. In a study at the University of North Carolina, researchers determined that e-cigarette users showed more suppression of immune genes than cigarette smokers.


This one might come as a surprise considering it’s such a mainstream flavor, but many recent studies have shown that strawberry e-liquid flavors are actually very toxic.

Researchers at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute tested bronchial cells using six types of vaping devices at differing battery output voltages with various liquids — one being strawberry. After examining the cells, they noted that the strawberry flavoring was significantly more toxic than the other five flavors tested.

You know what to avoid, now find out what e-liquids are the best >

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