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Ruby Chocolate Tobacco

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Cavendish and Oriental tobaccos infused with Swiss Ruby Chocolates.

Swiss chocolatier Barry Callebaut has launched a new type of chocolate called “Ruby”. The confectionery is characterized by a “berry-fruitiness” and a pink hue. “Ruby” chocolate is particularly targeted at Millennials and their desire for “hedonistic indulgence”.

Several different stories surround the origin of Cavendish, but all of them involve tobacco that was being transported on the ship of Sir Thomas Cavendish in 1585. One tale says Cavendish infused his personal supply of tobacco with dark rum to prevent it from drying out and getting moldy. He then rolled the wet leaves together, binding them tightly with sail canvas and twine. Much to his surprise, the flavor improved. The tobacco smoked sweeter, was mellower and had an aromatic fragrance. The process of using double fermentation to create Cavendish tobacco was born.

  • Available in 0, 3, 6 and 12 mg/ml
  • Tobacco Flavor by Black Note
  • Tobacco Flavor is Naturally Extracted from Real Tobacco Leaves.
  • ISO7 Certified Clean Facility
  • Alcohol, Sucralose, and Diacetyl FREE
  • Small Batch
  • VG/PG ratio: 50/50
  • Swiss Made Freebase Nicotine
  • Weight: 3.4 oz
  • Dimensions:1.77 × 1.31 × 5.3 in
  • Bottle Size: 60ml plastic bottle

Additional information

Weight 3.4 oz
Dimensions 1.77 × 1.31 × 5.3 in

1 review for Ruby Chocolate Tobacco

  1. AdoraB (verified customer)
    Chicago, IL, US

    Surprising berry tang that hits the spot

    I had no idea what Ruby Chocolate was (tbh I saw “chocolate” & decided to try it) & was pleasantly surprised by the fruity (I’d say raspberry-esque) tang that comes with every hit. It’s very sweet & smooth & perfect when I’m craving sweets. The fruity tang hits first & fast, but mellows into a lovely chocolate flavour. Definitely gonna be one of my go-to’s when I want something sweet (generally at night before bedtime). 10/10 will purchase again.

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