WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Black Note CHANGE Replacement Pods (0.8Ω, 2-pack)

(6 customer reviews)

$12.99Price Includes US Shipping 🚛

Shop the Black Note CHANGE Replacement Pods for an enhanced vaping experience. With their 4.5mL capacity and integrated coil, these pods offer exceptional flavor and vapor production.

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The Black Note CHANGE Device is a perfect combination of the modern innovations and advancements in vape hardware. Integrating a perfectly crafted chassis within a compact pod-sized structure for outstanding portability as well as noteworthy design features.

Big E-Liquid Capacity

Leave the inconvenience of frequent refilling behind.
With a big e-liquid capacity, the CHANGE Pod enables multi days vaping, without the annoying need to refill often.

Pod Specifications

  • 4.5 ml pod capacity
  • Easy side fill
  • Non-replaceable 0.8Ω mesh coil


2x CHANGE Refillable Pods

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 1 in


What are the Replacement Pods for Change Device?

The Change Device specifically designs the Replacement Pods for use with the Change vaping device, delivering consistent flavor and vapor production.

How many pods are included in one pack?

Each pack contains two Replacement Pods for the Change Device.

How do I refill these replacement pods?

Typically, these pods feature a filling port. Simply detach the pod from the device, open the designated filling port, and pour in your e-liquid. Ensure the port is sealed afterward.

Is there a risk of e-liquid leakage?

The pods help minimize leakage. However, if you handle them properly and ensure that you seal the filling ports, you can further reduce any risk of leakage.

How do I know when it's time to replace a pod?

Signs that you need a pod replacement include diminished flavor or vapor production, any leakage, or a burnt taste. Regularly inspecting your pod can ensure a top-notch vaping experience.

6 reviews for Black Note CHANGE Replacement Pods (0.8Ω, 2-pack)

  1. Good taste. For 3 days max.

    Ted Teske (verified owner)

    I go through these too fast. I think I will try to increase nicotine strength to ensure I hit it less. Maybe that conserve them longer. Let’s see.

  2. Andy Dunigan

    Love the all day pod capacity

  3. William Horwich (verified owner)

    very nice vaping experience but the pods last roughly a week and with the increased capacity you’re honestly wasting juice. not sure if there’s a way to increase coil longevity but these may not be sustainable at this price.

  4. Jake Bradford (verified owner)

    I’m getting a plastic taste with these … the capacity is great and the hit is great, I want to like these but the taste is making it hard. I’ve tried the pod that came with the device and a replacement pod, both have this problem.

  5. Great Pods

    Bryan (verified owner)

    These Pods are great. I can’t say how long they last yet, but with the amount of juice I’ve already vaped with it, i would have changed my Caliburn A2 at least once. it’s still going strong.

  6. Wow!!

    jaibot30 (verified owner)

    these pods are very well designed. good job my fellow black note people

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