Muscle Balm and Salve (Combo)

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Soulsome Muscle Balm and Salve

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Soulsome Muscle Balm and Salve

4 reviews for Muscle Balm and Salve (Combo)

  1. kdg454 (verified owner)

    Both items are wonderful!

  2. Jordana Woodard (verified owner)

    I have tried CBD balms in the past, this is by far the best yet! I have lots of muscle aches and pains and this product really helps. I also love the stick applicator!

  3. Tom Cunningham (verified owner)

    Excellent balm! Helps with the back, neck and knee pains of getting older – not old, just older. lol

  4. Brenda Hitchcock (verified owner)

    Awesome and worked! Finally a CBD that actually works.

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