WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Burley Tobacco (Forte) 50VG/50PG

Tobacco Flavor Taste: Earthy, Nutty & Slightly Dry
Curing Method: Air-cured

(881 customer reviews)

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Experience the earthy, nutty, and slightly dry flavor profile of Black Note’s “Burley Tobacco” E-Liquid, formerly known as “Forte”. This blend is an ideal choice for those transitioning from traditional smoking to vaping, offering a seamless shift without losing the essence of what makes tobacco enjoyable. Its balanced, earthy, nutty, and slightly dry flavor is reminiscent of renowned cigarette brands like American Spirit, Marlboro, Lucky Strikes, Camel, Parliament, Benson & Hedges, and Salem. “Burley Tobacco” stands as a testament to what a tobacco e-liquid should embody: a clean, pure, and satisfying alternative that faithfully preserves the familiar tobacco taste. It’s not just an e-liquid; it’s a homage to the roots of tobacco enjoyment, reimagined for today’s vaper.

Tailored Strengths for Every Vaper:

  • Ultra Lights (Silver label): A gentle taste available in 3mg/6mg, perfect for those who prefer a lighter touch.
  • Lights (Gold/White label): A balanced flavor profile in 12mg, ideal for a medium-intensity experience.
  • Full Flavors (Red/Black label): A robust taste in 18mg, designed for those who seek a strong, impactful experience.
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A Popular Choice for Tobacco Enthusiasts

Burley tobacco, along with Virginia and Oriental varieties, is a staple in many popular North American cigarette brands, including Marlboro, L&M, and Chesterfield. Our Burley blend captures the essence of these renowned brands, offering a familiar and satisfying experience for those transitioning from traditional smoking to vaping.

A Rich History

The story of White Burley tobacco dates back to 1864, when a farmer named Mr. Webb discovered a Kentucky seed variant with albinism. This unique green Burley tobacco, characterized by its white midrib, is primarily used in cigarette production. Introduced to Italy in 1891, Burley found its perfect home near the Vesuvius volcano near Naples, where it thrives to this day.

We Offer a Range of Strengths to Match Every Preference:

Ultra Lights (Silver label)

Gentle, classic cigarette taste, ideal for those who prefer a lighter, smoother vaping experience. Reminiscent of American Spirits Orange, Marlboro Silver, or Salem Silver. Available in 3mg or 6mg Freebase Nicotine for a gentle, yet satisfying classic cigarette taste.

Lights (Gold or White label)

Balanced throat hit and flavor, perfect for those seeking a medium-intensity vaping experience. Echoes the essence of American Spirits Yellow, Marlboro Silver, or Salem Gold. Choose our 12mg Freebase Nicotine for a balanced and satisfying classic cigarette taste.

Full Flavors (Red or Black label)

Robust taste with a powerful punch, suited for vapers who desire a strong, full-flavored experience. Reminiscent of American Spirits NAS Black or Dark Blue, or Marlboro Red. Our 18mg Freebase Nicotine mirrors the intensity of these red and black-label cigarettes, offering a robust and full-bodied vaping experience.

50/50 Freebase Nicotine:

    • Ideal for Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) Devices.
    • Higher resistance coils (0.8Ω or higher).
    • Recommended power level: Do not exceed 18 watts.

Premium Ingredients for a Superior Vaping Journey

Our Tobacco E-Liquid is crafted with a focus on purity and quality. The natural tobacco extract we use delivers an authentic cigarette flavor, reminiscent of traditional smoking. Our freebase nicotine, extracted from tobacco leaves, not only meets but exceeds EP/USP standards, ensuring a superior and clean vaping experience. This commitment reflects our dedication to providing a healthier, more natural alternative for vapers.

  • Organic Tobacco Extract: Extracted flavors from organic tobacco leaves offer a rich and nuanced taste.
  • High-Quality Freebase Nicotine: Our nicotine, derived from tobacco leaves, is exceptionally pure and surpasses EP/USP quality standards.
  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG): We use USP Kosher Certified and FU certified VG, guaranteeing top purity.
  • Propylene Glycol (PG): Our PG is of the highest grade, USP Kosher Certified, with a minimum purity of 99.7%.
  • Purified Water: We incorporate the purest water in our e-liquids for a pristine vaping experience.

The Artisanal Journey of Black Note’s Natural Tobacco E-Liquids

At Black Note, we infuse the essence of traditional winemaking and premium brewing into the crafting of our natural tobacco e-liquids. Our philosophy mirrors that of a master vintner or a renowned brewer, focusing on patience, passion, and the use of only the finest ingredients. This philosophy is the cornerstone of our process in developing Black Note’s authentic natural cigarette taste of our tobacco e-liquids.

Drawing inspiration from the Italian Slow Food Movement, Black Note emphasizes the importance of time-honored methods and natural ingredients in producing our e-liquids. We utilize genuine, organic tobacco leaves, steering clear of synthetic additives and chemically altered substances. This method guarantees a vaping experience that’s as authentic as it is enjoyable. To discover the details of our elaborate 9-step production process, please click here.

Embracing Healthier Vaping Standards

At Black Note, health and purity are paramount. Our Burley tobacco E-Liquid is crafted without artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors or synthetic nicotine. We use Naturally Extracted Tobacco (N.E.T) to maintain the purity of the flavor and ensure a safe inhalation experience. Adhering to the highest safety standards, our products are free from harmful compounds like Diacetyl and Acrolein. This e-liquid offers a refined taste, providing a genuine tobacco flavor without the harmful effects of traditional smoking.

Learn More About The Burley Tobacco

Burley Tobacco Vaping Liquid – A Tobacco Blend with a Loyal Following

Zero Percent Nicotine Products Disclaimer/Warning: While crafted with care, our zero percent nicotine e-liquids may contain trace amounts of nicotine. If advised to avoid nicotine, please consult your healthcare provider.

Additional information

Weight 4.5 oz
Dimensions 5.25 × 1.75 × 1.25 in

881 reviews for Burley Tobacco (Forte) 50VG/50PG

  1. Adam (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed this flavor!

    Enjoyed this flavor very much. Taste reminiscent of Marlboro Red, which was what I used to smoke.

  2. John

    Good stuff

    Prob the most like a real cig. Good flavor with some light sweetness. Really enjoyed this one

  3. alwaysintheclouds (verified owner)

    My ALL DAY vape!

    This flavor is no doubt my favorite! Seems like it took me for-ev-er to find a good, smooth, all day vape flavor like Forte, and I have tried dozens of brands. I like most of Black Note flavors for different reasons (if you haven’t done so already, try the sample pack – it’s worth it!), but this one is just a little sweeter on the exhale than the prelude and I like that.

    As for Black Note in general, lightning fast shipping, I am not too crazy about all the fruity chemical flavors all the other companies add to their juices so finding Black Note is a huge relief for me! I wouldn’t have bought a “froot loop pack of 20” either, just saying…I won’t do it vaping either. Keep on keepin it real for us Black Note!!!

  4. jack (verified owner)

    Smooth and Clean

    Forte and Sonate are very similar in taste. They are both smooth and clean. They are so far my favorite out of the brands that i’ve tried.

  5. Mel

    Not bad

    Not too keen on this one, I prefer the Bravura flavour. Still excellent quality though and I will finish the sample in the Notebook.

  6. Abdul

    My number 7

    Review by Abdul Rahman (using Kayfun V4, with Kanthal A1 28g, 8 wraps in 2.5mm, 1.5 ohm, firing at 13 watts)
    Too soft, too smooth, with subtle nutty hints. Throat hit from mild to medium bodied. I get little sweetness, very slight sweetness actually. If you like mellow tobacco taste, then this one is for you. For me, Forte is a sometimes vape. #7 from 8 available in Black Note line.

  7. Karol (verified owner)

    Just can’t get enough

    This is easily my all day vape. I recently quit smoking and after trying all different tobacco flavers out there was very glad to come across black note. Nothing came close to tobacco flavor as black note did.

  8. Mauricio (verified owner)

    Pure tobacco

    The closest i got to a true cigarette smoking experience.
    Robust, strong without being overpowering.
    Aspire Nautilus, 1.8 ohm, 11 watts

  9. Michael


    Like the delightful people of southern Italy, Forte is bold and unapologetically passionate. Simplicity is key to this satisfying blend, which concentrates on a full and rich tobacco flavor and incorporates just a hint of sweetness. I’m almost ashamed of initially overlooking this variety in the Notebook. Straightforward yet refined, Forte is quickly becoming one of my preferred Black Note products.

  10. James (verified owner)

    Another good one

    This is my second favorite liquid from Black Note. The flavor is slightly more robust and earthy than Prelude which has been my all day vape for over 6 months now. Highly recommended.

  11. Ryan

    Another hit

    I would be hard pressed to say that any of the flavors aren’t really good, but Forte has a really smooth flavor that stands out. Out of all the flavors in the notebook I would have to say this is my 3rd favorite one.

  12. john (verified owner)

    Verry mellow

    This was in a sample and im switching from prelude to this for a while until i find a new flavor i like
    Perfect amount of flavor and barely sweet wife likes it too has a super light creamy sweetness to it kinda hard to explain…you would have to try it

  13. Mike (verified owner)

    Smooth, Light, Full Flavor.

    This is a lot like a full flavor, yet light and smooth.. More like a light cigar than a cigarette really. All I can say is NICE! Its going to be hard to find my favorite! Great Stuff!

  14. Shaun (verified owner)

    In my top 3

    After purchasing the Note book and sampling all that Black Note have to offer, Forte was one of the three standout blends for me and will be part of my regular stock. Great tobacco flavour that made the transition from cigarettes a breeze. Thanks Black Note your product rocks!!

  15. Jojo (verified owner)


    Of the Black Note samples I’ve tried so far, my favorites are Prelude, Forte and Cadenza. While Prelude and Cadenza, are light to medium-bodied vapes, Forte packs a full-bodied punch and is my preferred vape when I want that extra kick. Great job Black Note!

  16. Timmy

    Good stuff!

    This one tastes the most like a cigarette to me. Wonderful tobacco flavor, and unbeatable quality

  17. Kyle (verified owner)

    Another great flavor

    This is the second bottle that I have tried from Black Note, with Prelude being the first. This flavor is a little heavier, but I can taste some of the sweetness on the exhale that I got with Prelude. I am really impressed with the juices I have tried, and I will continue to work my way down the line. I don’t think I can wait until this bottle is gone before I order another one!

  18. James (verified owner)


    This is a great juice. I graduated from Sonata to this, admittedly I still mix the two. It’s smoky, woody, yet those tones aren’t overpowering in any way, and the whole thing finishes sweet. Not too sweet, mind you, just the right amount. At the moment, this is my favorite juice, but I have yet to try them all (2 more to go). Forte should be at the top of the list for anyone just discovering these fantastic juices.

  19. James

    A bolder favorite

    At first, this is was bit much for me after the Sonata. It was a bit more smokey than Sonata, with a little bite and bitterness (in a good way). I bean to mix it with the Sonata, and it makes for a fabulous combo. Lately though, I like the Forte all on it’s own, it’s got a great edge on it, just enough smoke and woodiness with a touch of sweetness. It’s become one of, if not my overall favorite, although I still like to blend it with either the Sonata or Prelude. Another great one in the line up.

  20. Spencer (verified owner)

    Rich but not overbearing.

    This is already definitely one of my favorites. Dry and earthy of the front (heavily so, like Legato for example, and you can read my review on that page), a little sweet on the back. Also a little smokey. It’s richer to me than Adagio for example (which is not a bad thing as they are both different in complexity), but also has a cigar or mild pipe quality to it. Reminds me of a cigarillo. Makes me wish I still drank Scotch. That said, if you are a Scotch drinker, I don’t recommend this with a smokey Islay, as the flavors of each would probably get lost….;). I vape at 6mg and there is more than enough throat hit. As I promised to say in every review, Black Note doesn’t lie when they say that their juices are very kind to wicks and coils. I can go for days vaping heavily on an Ego One CL coil with no loss of flavor.

  21. Steve (verified owner)

    Best burley out there

    There are lots of burley flavours out there, most taste synthetic (or bizarrely sweet) and frankly far too harsh (though it’s difficult to discern anything related to an actual tobacco) this is again about the closest to the real thing you can get in a vape. The only difference is that you’re not burning the juice, so the flavour isn’t exactly what you’ll remember from the real thing, but that’s the trade we take for our health.

  22. Abhi (verified owner)

    Another homerun for Black Note

    Seriously, this company seems incapable of making a bad, or even medicore product. This is the 3rd juice in the line I have tried (the others being Cadenza and Adagio), and the more I try, the harder and harder it is to pick a favorite (though at this point, Cadenza still holds it for me).

    This liquid has a full-bodied, but far from being harsh or over-powering flavor. It has a sweetness that is easily noticeable, but does not create that artificial type feeling you get from other “tobacco” flavored e-liquids (obviously, as there is nothing artificial about Black Note’s extraction process). While, as I mentioned, the Cadenza still has my vote as the king of Black Notes product line (at least what I have had so far), Forte is a formidable contender for this title.

  23. sarah

    This is so good.

    No one could possibly be dissatisfied with Forte. Delicious!

  24. Asger (verified owner)

    Real tobacco alternative

    A general problem when evaluating any Black Note product is that they are all – in my humble opinion – superior to other products on the market. This is, off course, not a real problem. Forte is an excellent vape and delivers a nice throat hit. I love the characteristic tobacco flavor, and the semi-sweet aftertaste. It is on my top-3 favorite list of Black Note products. If you are in search of a real tobacco alternative it’s definitely something you should check out.

  25. Randy

    Highly Recommended!

    It’s not too strong of a flavor. So I find myself vaping Forte all day no problem. Which is dangerous because before you know it, you’re out. I found it pairs amazingly well with a cold beer. Highly recommended!

  26. Flamingmoth

    Cured of tobacco

    This is the one to cure me. Has great tobacco punch. Beware if like me you didn’t trust that 12mg has a kick like a 12mg smoke then go down. Beautiful juice. The best I have tried yet. All day goodness.

  27. Victor (verified owner)

    Good everyday vape.

    This one is very smooth, easy to chain vape if you’re into that. I agree with another reviewer who noticed hints of a smoky popcorn flavor. Very subtle, but is there. Good vape for knocking a few beers back with your friends.

  28. Glenn (verified owner)

    Best Tobacco Taste Yet

    I recently purchased the sampler. I haven’t used all the different liquids yet but I’ll tell you that the Forte is the best tobacco flavor I’ve tasted yet. I’ve tried a lot of companies before. Some I like and some I didn’t. I only buy the tobacco flavors. None of my previous purchases (even the ones I liked) tasted anything like tobacco.

  29. Tony

    Really good

    This one would be #3 on my list. It has a smooth flavor less sweet with rich buttery, popcorny undertones. Very enjoyable highly recommended

  30. Cigar Smoker (verified owner)

    Needed Tobacco Flavor

    I, like many tried to find the tobacco juice that would make want to reach for my vape instead of another cigar. That was a tall order to fill and I tried several. Nothing but disappointment from other popular, recommened products. Then I found the Black Note website and tried the sampler. Everything about the site, the comments, the processes, the information disclosures are first class and when I received the sampler, I was impressed. All of the flavors were distinctive, but the Forte stood out as something I could pick up as an EDV. So here I am 4 bottles later, to help you decide. The earthy rich tobacco with a hint of sweet was the right combination to get me off the smokes and looking forward to my vape.

  31. Michael


    Loving this one. Good throat hit. Full bodied smokey, dry with just a touch of sweetness.

  32. Kelly (verified owner)

    Liquid Gold!!!!

    So many great things i can say about forte! Like all the black note e liquids this one is amazing! I find myself vaping this one all day and never get tired of it! Thanks black note for giving me a superior product that I love so much!!!!

  33. Michael


    I really like this one! Very smooth, my favorite so far……As good or better than described by Black Note. Just a hint of sweet, a very well rounded flavor. I rate this at 4.8

  34. Will

    Very bold flavor

    I love the flavor it reminds me of another vendor just without the sugary sweet candy flavor. This flavor is very well balanced a can complement and wine or scotch.

  35. Sergey

    Great taste!

    Great taste! Well suited for every day! I like this!

  36. Deucesjack

    one of my favorites

    This is one of my favorites of this line. Burley with a hint of sweetness. This is a rich and smooth vape. Blacknote has done it again. Definitely a mellow ADV. Take my word for it these are the best tasting tobacco juices, bar none. If your into tobacco juices this is your line, look no further.

  37. jason (verified owner)

    the vape that will make you do the switch to vape

    i was lucky enough to try this today and was just as happy with it as the others i have tried.this vape has a very filling feel to it.the best way to describe it is it fills my lungs and gives me that certain satisfaction i got from a smoke without the smoke.the vape fells like a smoke and the flavor is felt just as much as it is by taste.if you still smoke this would be the vape to help you quit for sure in my opinion.

  38. David (verified owner)

    Good stuff

    Let me start by saying, I’m not going to give you the flavor notes I taste like other reviews. All the flavors are great and worth a try. I will say don’t expect a lab made tobacco flavor. These are natural flavors with a light organic taste. With that said black note is the only n.e.t. I have tried and the only one I trust! Being able to look at the lab reports and the fact they are cold extracted gives me peace of mind that there are no not need additives in my juice. The company itself is great. Fast ship out time and fast shipping. Give black note a try you will be happy you did. Thank you black note!

  39. Steve in Australia (verified owner)

    Classic Burley

    Classic burley! Forte is full-bodied and full-flavoured, yet still very smooth. And like Sonata, just the right level of natural sweetness (something the lab-made liquids just cannot match without going yucky sticky-sweet). It’s an exceptionally pleasant and mellow vape. I find it the perfect accompaniment to red wine and some nice cheese to nibble. And unlike burning tobacco, vaping Blacknote does NOT overrun the delicate flavours of a fine wine.

  40. Sean (verified owner)

    Strongest of the Bunch.

    Forte is the strongest one that Black Note makes in my opinion. It has a good natural tobacco taste and it’s not too sweet.

  41. robert

    Great Flavor

    This is my second favorite of the 8 flavors

  42. shaik

    Great throat hit

    Among all eight variants this one has good throat hit with 12 mg nicotine, Throat hit is not at all harsh and this has smooth and smoky exhale and please don’t expect any strong flavour from Forte. This is a great stuff for all day vaping trust me this will replace your stinky dirty cigarette for sure. Overall i can give 9 points on the scale of 10 for this beautiful blend and i have no regrets with this ejuice so i can recommend.