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Black Note Pods 4 Pack | Virginia | 5% Nicotine
Price: $25.00

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Black Note Pods 4 Pack | Virginia | 3% Nicotine
Price: $25.00

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9 reviews for Black Note Pods by SAABI

  1. Gelsomina

    At first when I recieved my package I was so excited as it was just what I was looking for: slim, elegant, fast charging device, easy to use, ready to vape with my favorite liquid from Blacknote, I knew I was going to love it and I wasn’t wrong. I starting using it the next morning, the flavour, the cloud size, the smooth feeling… I loved it and so I kept using it throughout the day thinking it was just great! until finally at around 5pm that day I got a dry hit and I was confused as I din’t consider I was overdoing it so at first I thought it was a malfunction of the pod, my surprise was when I observed the empty pod! How was it possible? I charged my device to use it with a new pod and make sure of the lasting it gave me and again, not even a full day… I was really disappointed, and thats the only reason I dont give it a 5 star rating.

  2. Dianna Miranda

    Agree with the other reviewer that for this price point, these are super expensive! I love the sleek style and easy hit. I was so excited about this pen! But alas, the pod doesn’t even last one day, and you’re spending $5.50 a pod ;-/ Male bigger pods Black Note! Please! Or at least give a better discount on that bulk box.

  3. anthony bettick

    Idea for the consumer and seller. Try using the small battery kits like the weed shops do that provide a decent amount of juice for ur money .

  4. Mario Micakovic

    Great flavor but could last longer!

  5. crystal osteen

    I am overjoyed with the saabi! It costs the same as my cigarettes did ( notice i said “did”)& the flavor is more satisfying than a cigarette. No chemicals that xause waffle lung & i can smoke anywhere, no smell. Ive accidently washed & dried my saabi in the laundry, a couple times, & it still works great. Fully charges in 15 mins w/ the same usb as my phone has. After seeing what smoking has done to my mother-This product js a godsend. Thanku saabi!

  6. Donald H Smith

    Tastes good for a vape. I’m very disappointed about how long the pod lasts. This could get very expensive. I may have got 15 small draws from one pod. I do like the size and battery. I wish I’d known this before spending 45 bucks. I would have went with the other style.

  7. Marjan Micakovic


  8. Nathan Arnold

    I really like the Virginia Tobacco flavor so these are perfect. I use these when I want something smaller that can slide in my pocket. The battery lasts days for me, and always a good hit, just plug it in and good to go.

  9. Kenneth Egan

    Came from smoking a pack a day, to switching to a traditional “vape”, to now this system. The size is perfect, the draw is perfect, and honestly is the closest thing I’ve found to smoking the real thing. It’s nice to get the satisfaction without the giant cloud and that I can sit down for 5 minutes with these and be good, rather than the “baby bottle” syndrome all day long. FAR better than JUUL in both flavor and function. To anyone wondering, each pod will last about 3/4 of the day for what I consider a “heavy” smoker. Do yourself a favor and just buy the big box of refills. I’ve had no leaking issues, no juice in my mouth, and no inconsistent draws. Great product for those looking.

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