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Black Note Pods 4 Pack | Virginia | 5% Nicotine
Price: $25.00

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Black Note Pods 4 Pack | Virginia | 3% Nicotine
Price: $25.00

Availability: In stock


5 reviews for Black Note Pods by SAABI

  1. Gelsomina

    At first when I recieved my package I was so excited as it was just what I was looking for: slim, elegant, fast charging device, easy to use, ready to vape with my favorite liquid from Blacknote, I knew I was going to love it and I wasn’t wrong. I starting using it the next morning, the flavour, the cloud size, the smooth feeling… I loved it and so I kept using it throughout the day thinking it was just great! until finally at around 5pm that day I got a dry hit and I was confused as I din’t consider I was overdoing it so at first I thought it was a malfunction of the pod, my surprise was when I observed the empty pod! How was it possible? I charged my device to use it with a new pod and make sure of the lasting it gave me and again, not even a full day… I was really disappointed, and thats the only reason I dont give it a 5 star rating.

  2. Dianna Miranda

    Agree with the other reviewer that for this price point, these are super expensive! I love the sleek style and easy hit. I was so excited about this pen! But alas, the pod doesn’t even last one day, and you’re spending $5.50 a pod ;-/ Male bigger pods Black Note! Please! Or at least give a better discount on that bulk box.

  3. anthony bettick

    Idea for the consumer and seller. Try using the small battery kits like the weed shops do that provide a decent amount of juice for ur money .

  4. Mario Micakovic

    Great flavor but could last longer!

  5. crystal osteen

    I am overjoyed with the saabi! It costs the same as my cigarettes did ( notice i said “did”)& the flavor is more satisfying than a cigarette. No chemicals that xause waffle lung & i can smoke anywhere, no smell. Ive accidently washed & dried my saabi in the laundry, a couple times, & it still works great. Fully charges in 15 mins w/ the same usb as my phone has. After seeing what smoking has done to my mother-This product js a godsend. Thanku saabi!

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