Black Note Pods Bulk 20 Pack | Virginia | 3% Nicotine

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5 reviews for Black Note Pods Bulk 20 Pack | Virginia | 3% Nicotine

  1. ce (verified owner)

    These are great but expensive, and should come with lower nic levels!

  2. Dianna Miranda (verified owner)

    Love the sleek design of the pen and the taste of the pods. But dang, these are expensive! Going through one a day is breaking the bank. I prefer this to the other pen I was using with the liquid, but may have to return to it due to cost. Any way to buy these in more bulk with more savings?? Like a 100 pack??

  3. np (verified owner)

    Like the convenience of these, nothing to refill. They are pricey though.

  4. showandtellrecs (verified owner)

    my only suggestion is that they make some with 1% or 2% nicotine. i like to enjoy them without ingesting too much nicotine so i choose the 3%. they taste great and i loyally buy em, but would really like a 1 or 2% option. i see i’m not the only one with this suggestion i hope black note takes note. great product.

  5. Jason Bosco (verified owner)

    Excellent taste and a big step above other products I’ve used, definitely a top notch product.

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