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Guide to E-Cigarette Brands

Comprehensive Guide to E-Cigarette Brands

If you’re already a vaper or you’ve been shopping around for vaping devices for a while, you’ll have undoubtedly noticed something: there are tons of e-cigarette brands in the industry. There are so many that even counting them would be a herculean task, and that means that choosing a device from one e-cigarette brand over all of the other options is hardly simple. So what are you supposed to do to when you’re looking for the best e-cig kits? Where do you even start?

Even though we can’t go through every e-cigarette brand on the market, some brands are much more well-known and popular than others, so this article aims to give you a run-down of the most widely-recommend brands by vapers. We’ll look at the pros and cons of each one, the prices, how they fare in reviews and which kits we’d recommend. If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to e-cigarette brands, this is the post you’ve been waiting for.


Joyetech is an institution in the vaping industry. From their game-changing eGo-T device through to the first all-in-one style device, the eGrip, Joyetech has been at the forefront of the industry since 2007.


  • Some excellent devices, ranging from vape pens right up to high-end mods.
  • Good prices all-round.
  • High-quality manufacturing.


  • Main focus is on devices: they have a few sub ohm tanks but no solely rebuildable atomizers.

Joyetech Reviews

Reviews of Joyetech products are everywhere, and it’s well worth checking them out to find out about the device you’re considering before purchasing. Here’s a selection of reviews of Joyetech products:

  • eGrip 2 Review (EcigaretteReviewed): This review looks at the eGrip 2, an all-in-one style e-cigarette with a huge selection of features and excellent performance.
  • eGo One Review (Vaping360): The eGo One is the sub ohm capable continuation of the classic eGo series. Despite some minor issues, it’s a great device.
  • Cuboid and Cubis Review (Spinfuel): The Cuboid from Joyetech is a high-power box mod with temperature control functionality, a clear display screen and a custom-made tank to go with it.
  • eVic VT Review (PBusardo): The eVic VT is a very capable and affordable box mod from Joyetech, with temperature control and up to 60 W of power.

Joyetech Prices

Joyetech isn’t the cheapest brand in the industry, but if you’re familiar with the usual e-cigarette price range, you’ll be impressed with what you can get for your money. For instance, the eGo AIO kit is available for just $16.99, the eGrip 2 is $39.99 and even the Cuboid 150 W TC is an impressive $37.99.

Recommended Kits

For a new vaper, Joyetech’s eGrip 2 is a really outstanding device. With a clear display screen, integrated battery, plenty of power, temperature control and an in-built atomizer, it’s hard to find something so simple that performs so well.

For longer-term vapers, the Cuboid is their ultimate offering. It has temperature control, provides up to 150 W of power and works with two 18650 batteries. If you want something similar but simpler and with less power, the eVic VT is a great choice.


Kanger (or Kangertech) is another of the oldest e-cigarette brands in the industry, having gotten their start in 2007 and offering a wide range of e-cig kits, devices and tanks throughout their 9 years in business.


  • Many high-quality devices on offer, including high-power mods, and beginner’s vape pens.
  • The Subtank is a legendary sub ohm tank.
  • Generally great prices.
  • Top-quality, well-made e-cigarettes.


  • Their product line is moving towards higher-end devices, with fewer beginner options available.

Kanger Reviews

There are many e-cigarette reviews of Kanger products, and although most feedback is positive, they’re worth reading before you commit to a purchase.

  • Kbox 120 W TC and 200 W TC (Spinfuel): The Kbox 120 and 200 W TC mods were very much Kanger’s flagship devices for a while, and it’s easy to see why: they offer tons of power and have a nice selection of features, as well as being affordable.
  • TopBox Mini Starter Kit (Guide to Vaping): The TopBox Mini is a compact, temperature control equipped mod that comes in a starter kit along with the TopTank Mini sub ohm tank.
  • Subtank Mini Review (EcigaretteReviewed): The Subtank is potentially Kanger’s most well-known product, offering a great sub ohm vaping experience, and also coming with an RBA head to suit anybody who makes their own coils.

Kanger Prices

Kanger’s prices are very fair indeed. The 200 W version of the Kbox costs just $39.99, and the Subvod Starter Kit costs $24.99. You can definitely find cheaper e-cigarettes if you try, but for the quality, the e-cigarette prices from Kanger really are great.

Recommended Kits

There are tons of great e-cig kits from Kanger, but a couple stand out as particularly great options. For newer vapers, the Evod Pro MTL (Mouth-to-Lung) System has the simplicity of a standard vape pen but support sub ohm vaping, making it a fantastic performer. As the name suggests, it’s designed for “mouth to lung” inhales, which smokers are accustomed to.

For the longer-term vaper, although the various incarnations of the Kbox are worth considering, Kanger’s new 160 W Dripbox Squonk kit has a lot going for it. It comes with a dripping atomizer and the mod has a “squonk” feature, where you can feed new juice up onto the RDA deck from a bottle in the body of the mod. Add in the substantial power output and temperature control and you have a very interesting device that’s well worth considering.


Aspire is another company that’s made a name for itself in the industry, despite only being formed in 2013. The Aspire Atlantis was one of the watershed moments in the history of vaping, and although they’re still probably best known for their tanks, they have some solid mods and devices available too.


  • Some excellent tanks and high-quality devices on offer.
  • They’re particularly great for tanks, whether you’re looking for a mouth-to-lung vape or a sub ohm tank experience with wide open airflow.
  • Good prices, though sometimes a little expensive.
  • Great build quality.


  • Only offer a limited number of mods: the main focus is on tanks.
  • The mods Aspire do offer aren’t always great.

Aspire Reviews

E-cigarette reviews of Aspire’s products are easy to find, but here is a small selection of reviews looking at some of the most popular products from the brand.

  • Nautilus X Review (Vaping360): The Nautilus is one of Aspire’s most well-known tanks, especially among mouth-to-lung vapers, and the Nautilus X aims to continue in the proud tradition. On the whole, it does a fantastic job.
  • Plato AIO Review (EcigaretteReviewed): The Plato is Aspire’s attempt at an all-in-one device, incorporating the atomizer in the body of the mod and offering temperature control alongside high-wattage vaping. It’s a great option for newer vapers.
  • Odyssey Kit Review (VaporVanity): The Odyssey Kit is a combination of the Pegasus mod from Aspire and their popular Triton tank, and it makes the kit a great option for vapers looking for a standard-style mod from the brand.

Aspire Prices

Aspire’s e-cigarette prices are pretty fair. They may not be as cheap as some devices on the market, but on the whole most vapers have nothing to complain about. The Plato all-in-one mod, for instance, is available for $47.99 – a solid deal for when you’re just getting started with vaping. Their tank prices can vary, with the Cleito being affordable at $19.95 but the Nautilus X being a bit more expensive at $29.99. However, the prices are still good, regardless of what you’re picking up.

Recommended Kits

For beginners, the best e-cig kit from Aspire is undoubtedly the Plato all-in-one. It’s really easy to use, offers fantastic performance and support temperature control vaping. It might not be quite up to the standard of the eGrip 2 from Joyetech, but it’s definitely worth considering if you’re new to vaping.

For longer-term vapers, Aspire’s range of tanks is the main thing you’ll be interested in, and many options like the Cleito are excellent. However, for full e-cig kits, the Odyssey kit does a great job, offering up to 70 W of power from the mod and a very user-friendly tank in the form of the Triton.


Eleaf (also known as iSmoka) got their start in the industry in 2008, but although they’ve been in vaping game for a while, the company really made their mark with the iStick series of mods.


  • Very affordable devices – a good option for vapers on a budget.
  • Some excellent mods in their selection, including many of the iSticks.
  • Makes some quality tanks too, including the sub ohm Melo and the Lemo RTA series. 


  • Bad reputation: some vapers had problems with the battery in iStick 50 W mods exploding.
  • Quality of devices is hit and miss. For example, the iStick 40 W TC had problems in temperature control (TC) mode.

Eleaf Reviews

Eleaf is a well-known manufacturer, and you can find many e-cigarette reviews of their devices with a quick Google search, but here are a few that are worth checking out:

  • iStick 100 W Review (IndoorSmokers): The iStick 100 W is a high-power version of the renowned iStick series, still keeping the price pretty low but boosting the power output to suit longer-term vapers.
  • Lemo 2 Review (Planet of the Vapes – User dw1986): The Lemo is Eleaf’s rebuildable tank atomizer (RTA), and the second version is particularly well-loved by vapers. It has a side-filling design and a simple build deck, and it’s worth considering if you build your own coils.
  • iStick Pico Review (EcigaretteReviewed): The iStick Pico is a compact incarnation of the iStick series, running on a single 18650 battery and offering up to 75 W of power as well as TC vaping.

Eleaf Prices

Eleaf’s e-cigarette prices are so low that you’ll almost think there’s something wrong with the products. The 200 W version of the iStick, for instance, is available for $44.95 at the time of writing. It’s almost criminally cheap. One of the beginner-friendly options, the iJust Start Plus kit is available for less than $20. As mentioned earlier, not every Eleaf device is great, but on the whole the prices really are hard to beat.

Recommended Kits

Eleaf has a varied selection of e-cig kits on offer, and there are plenty of options to suit vapers of all experience levels. For just-switching smokers, the iJust Start Plus Kit is a really solid offering, with a 1600 mAh battery, dedicated 2.5 ml tank and unbeatably simple operation, it’s like a vape pen on steroids. For $19.99, it’s an absolute bargain.

For longer-term vapers, the offerings from Eleaf really start to open up. Although it’s beginner-friendly too, the Pico is a good option for longer-term vapers, however, they’ve really kicked things up a notch with the iStick 200 W. This takes three 18650 batteries (which is recommended for 200 W vaping), has a unique design and supports TC vaping with nickel, titanium and stainless steel coils.


Sigelei got its start in 2011, and is one of the most well-known e-cigarette brands, putting out a steady stream of quality box mods. They might not have that much to offer the newer vaper, but their devices have a lot of support from vaping enthusiasts.


  • Excellent box mods. Not every Sigelei device is perfect, but their reputation for quality is thoroughly deserved.
  • Great prices. They aren’t the cheapest in the industry, but you always get a good deal.
  • Some sub ohm and rebuildable tanks on offer.
  • Fantastic reputation.


  • Their main focus is box mods. Aside from a few tanks, this is really all they offer.
  • Nothing great for beginners.

Sigelei Reviews

Many e-cigarette reviews cover Sigelei devices, and here are a few it’s worth checking out to get a feel for the brand and the quality of their products:

  • 150 W Box Mod Review (Vaping360): Sigelei’s 150 W box mod comes widely-recommended from vapers, offering a solid (if clunky) design and fantastic performance.
  • Moonshot RTA Review (ECCR): The Moonshot is Sigelei’s rebuildable tank atomizer, boasting fantastic performance at high wattages. It’s not the easiest device to build on but reviewers generally loved it.
  • Spark 90 W TC Review (Budget Vapor): The Spark 90 W TC is another of Sigelei’s widely-recommended box mods, with a user-friendly, simple design and generally great performance.

Sigelei Prices

Sigelei’s e-cigarette prices are affordable, but they also reflect the quality of the mods they offer. For instance, the Fuchai 213 is available for $79.95 and the Spark 90 W TC is on sale at time of writing for just $39.99. On the whole, they can be very affordable, but sometimes you do have to pay a bit more for quality.

Recommended Kits

Sigelei largely focuses on box mods, so there aren’t any e-cig kits that can be recommended, but the Spark 90 W TC is a great mod, especially for vapers who’ll be out of the house a lot.


Innokin is another of the most well-known e-cigarette brands in the industry, having gotten their start in 2011 and making a name for themselves with the iTaste MVP box mod. Things have progressed a lot since then, but Innokin still has a solid line-up of e-cigarettes. 


  • A varied range of products: everything from beginner-friendly options to higher-end mods.
  • Always excellent manufacturing quality.
  • Some great sub ohm tanks on offer alongside devices.
  • Good prices.


  • Only a limited number of tanks on offer, and no rebuildable atomizers.
  • No options for very high-power vapers.

Innokin Reviews

E-cigarette reviews covering Innokin’s devices are pretty common, but here are a few of notable devices from their line-up:

  • CoolFire 4 TC100 Review (EcigClick): The CoolFire 4 is Innokin’s current flagship device, and the latest version pushes the power output to 100 W and temperature control with titanium, nickel and stainless steel coils.
  • MVP 3 Pro Review (Vaping360): The MVP 3 Pro is the pinnacle of the MVP series of mods from Innokin, offering up to 60 W of power, a huge integrated 4400 mAh battery and an excellent design. It’s not up to the power levels of many devices on the market, but it’s great for lower-power vapers.
  • Endura T18 Review (Planet of the Vapes – User dw1986): The Endura T18 is one of the best vape pens on the market, offering a 1000 mAh battery and a dedicated tank for everything you need to start vaping apart from e-juice. The performance is widely-praised by new and longer-term vapers alike.

Innokin Prices

Innokin isn’t the cheapest manufacturer in the industry, but if you’ve been shopping around, the e-cigarette price range for Innokin’s devices isn’t going to be an issue. For example, the Endura T18 kit is available for just $27.95 and the CoolFire 4 TC100 Kit is just $49.99.

Recommended Kits

Innokin might not have a huge range of e-cig kits on offer (especially in comparison to some other e-cigarette brands), but there are a couple of options in particular that are worth considering. For just-switching smokers, the Endura T18 kit is a great offering, for both the exceptional performance and the low price.

For longer-term vapers, the best e-cig kit from Innokin is undoubtedly the CoolFire 4 TC100 kit, which comes with the mod and Innokin’s iSub V Tank, offering a 3 ml tank and top-filling system alongside a very capable mod.


Smok is another of the most well-known e-cigarette brands in the industry, with a wide range of e-cigarettes and tanks on offer, including options perfectly-suited to newer vapers. The company first got its start in 2010.


  • A huge range of devices, from simple vape pens to full-featured mods.
  • Some excellent tanks among their selection, particularly the TFV4.
  • Great prices.
  • High-quality manufacturing.


  • Despite offering some vape pens, many Smok products are a little complex for beginners. 

Smok Reviews

Smok has its fair share of e-cigarette reviews, and as always, you should check out what reviewers are saying before you purchase a device or atomizer. Here are a few reviews of popular Smok e-cigarettes to get you started:

  • TFV4 Sub Ohm Tank Review (VapeRanks): The TFV4 is one of Smok’s most popular products on the whole, and is widely regarded as one of the best sub ohm tanks money can buy. With a well-executed top-filling system, an included RBA head and a wide selection of coils, it’s easy to see why.
  • R200 Review (the Vaping Giraffe): The R200 is a powerhouse box mod from Smok, putting out up to 200 W of power and offering temperature control with nickel, titanium and stainless steel coils. For the affordable price, it’s definitely worth considering.
  • Stick One Basic Kit Review (Vaping360): The Stick One from Smok is a beginner-friendly vape pen that can support sub ohm vaping. This makes it a very appealing option for new vapers who aren’t satisfied by the lower-power options ordinarily offered to beginners.


Smok’s devices are generally very fairly priced. The Stick One Plus Kit, for example – which includes a bigger tank and upgraded battery compared to the Basic version – costs just $34.99. At the upper end, the R200 is available for just $39.99. These prices will be hard to beat on comparable devices.

Recommended Kits

Smok has a wide range of e-cig kits available, with some options that are ideal for beginners and a wider selection for vapers happy with using mods. The Stick One Plus Kit would be our pick for newer vapers, which offers a sub ohm capable 2000 mAh battery alongside the Micro TFV4 Plus sub ohm tank, which packs all of the benefits of the legendary TFV4 into a smaller package.

For longer-term vapers, the R200 is a full-featured and generally well-liked mod, and for the very affordable price it’s definitely one to consider. However, the X Cube II 160 W TC is probably their most famous offering, with up to 160 W of power, temperature control functionality and a unique, long firing bar for maximum comfort when you vape.

Conclusion – So Many Brands, So Little Time

This has been a very long post for one reason: there are hundreds of e-cigarette brands in the industry. Most e-cig brands don’t put out too many products, but the more popular ones – of which we’ve covered just a handful in this article – have a hell of a lot of devices and tanks on offer. The sheer number of options available to vapers these days – both enthusiasts and just-switching smokers – is mesmerizing. The downside to this is that it can be hard to choose the right e-cig kit for your needs, but the huge upside is that with so many options, the right device for you is bound to be out there somewhere. All you have to do is find it.

Lee Johnson

Lee Johnson

Writer at Black Note
Lee Johnson is a writer and vaper from the UK. He started vaping in 2012, and since then has contributed to E-Cigarette Reviewed, E-Cigarette Direct’s Ashtray Blog and Vaping360. He strongly believes smokers need accurate information about vaping and other reduced-harm alternatives to smoking. He has a degree in physics from the Open University and a passion for all forms of science.
Lee Johnson

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What is Naturally Extracted Tobacco E-Liquid?

E-juice, also known as e-liquid or vaping liquid, is the liquid that’s placed in the vaping device and subsequently atomized into vapor. When you go to buy e-juice, you’ll notice it contains a mix of several ingredients. These typically include vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), some type of flavoring, and nicotine.

VG and PG form the base of the e-liquid. VG is a component used in food and personal care products; its role in e-liquid is to create a thick, dense vapor. PG is another popular solvent used in a variety of everyday items. It carries the e-liquid flavor, provides the “throat hit,” and enhances the vaping liquid’s ability to soak into wicks or cartomizer materials.

Nicotine is an optional ingredient, often available in different levels. E-juice also contains some type of flavoring.

Black Note leads the pack of tobacco vaping liquid by using only natural flavoring – extract from real tobacco leaves to produce real tobacco taste. When you go to buy e-juice from other companies, you may find any number of chemicals used to create synthetic flavors that include fake strawberry, manufactured vanilla, and even man-made tobacco flavors.

If your aim when you buy e-liquid is to experience the subtle nuances, genuine flair and authentic taste of real tobacco, then you’ll be on the mark if you buy e-juice from the Black Note lineup.

Best E-Juice

When you’re going to buy e-liquid, it’s only natural you’ll want the best e-liquid. But what, exactly, does it “best e-juice” mean? We’ll tell you.

For starters, you’ll want an e-juice that doesn’t contain all kinds of strange chemicals and concoctions that you can’t even pronounce. True, even the best e-liquid will contain vegetable glycerin (VG) and proplene glycol (PG), which serve as the base of e-juice, but you don’t necessarily need a host of other chemical compounds.

The best e-juice will stick to natural ingredients, like real tobacco extract, rather than rely on synthetic flavorings, colorings and other additives. Diacetyl is one of those synthetic ingredients that has gotten a pretty bad rap, although its use is not all that uncommon for producing sweet e juice flavors.

Definitely read the ingredient list before you buy e-juice to ensure you recognize what’s on it. Better yet, see if the e-juice company offers a lab report to confirm what’s actually inside the e-liquid.

In addition to having as few chemical ingredients as possible, the best e-juice will have an amazing taste. For those who enjoy authenticity over imitation, the most amazing taste is the most natural taste, especially when it comes to tobacco. Since Black Note uses real extract from tobacco leaves, we not only avoid all those weird chemical flavorings, but we also produce the most authentic experience: tobacco vaping liquid that actually tastes like tobacco.

Best E-Liquid on the Market

Anyone looking for the best e-liquid on the market need look no further than Black Note. Black Note tobacco vaping liquid ranks as the best e-juice across the board in every category, starting with the taste.

Black Note’s main claim to fame is producing a tobacco vaping liquid that actually tastes like real tobacco. That because we use real tobacco extract, not chemicals, to create the best e-juice tobacco flavor. Using extract from real tobacco leaves retains tobacco’s nuances and flavor notes, giving you the most authentic and multi-faceted tobacco experience.

In addition to being the best e-juice for tobacco taste, Black Note also has the best e-liquid manufacturing process. We spent years researching and testing various production methods, and finally landed on one that we believe is absolutely perfect.

It starts with growing carefully selected tobacco seeds, followed by an equally precise of steps that include an extensive natural extraction process. Even our bottling and packaging is done with the utmost care, using recycled and recyclable packaging materials to ensure our products are as earth-friendly as they are vapor-friendly.

One more category where Black Note ranks as the best e-liquid is with the value. Every order comes with free domestic shipping, one-to-three day domestic shipping guarantee, and a 90-day, money-back satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy for any reason, or don’t agree we’re the best e-juice on the market, send it back on us and we’ll refund your money.

Vape Juice Ingredients

Vape juice ingredients can be pretty straightforward – or not. At the very least, most vape juice contains propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), and some type of flavoring. Nicotine has largely become an optional ingredient that can be included at varying levels or left out altogether.

Vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) are usually the two main ingredients that make up the base of most vape juice.

VG is a plant-based substance with the ability to produce a dense, thick vapor. PG is an additive found in many food items and certain medicines. It carries the flavoring, provides the “throat hit” and enhances the vape juice’s ability to soak into the wicking materials.

Nicotine levels can vary, as can ingredients that make up the flavorings. The components that make up vape juice flavoring are where ingredients can get rather complicated.

Vape juice that relies on artificial flavorings can contain any number of extraneous chemicals and other additives, whatever it takes to recreate the flavor the ecig juice is going for.

Black Note uses only natural flavorings: extract from real tobacco leaves. That keeps our ingredient list incredibly simple, backed by a lab report to prove it. You won’t find any strange chemical concoctions used to produce our tobacco flavor, just real tobacco extract that delivers a real tobacco experience.

What is the Best Flavor for Ecig Juice?

From strawberry shortcake to banana rum, ecig juice comes in tons of flavors. While folks can debate and discuss all the fruity, sweet or food-like flavors all day long, the best flavor for e-cig liquid is straight-up tobacco.

Why? Vaping was originally created as an alternative for traditional cigarettes, mainly for those who enjoy the taste of tobacco. And when you can find an e-cig liquid that is able to recreate tobacco’s full-bodied yet delicate flavor notes and nuances, but without the harmful chemicals found in cigarettes, then you’ve found the best ecig juice.

Recreating tobacco’s complex flavor isn’t easy, especially when it’s attempted with artificial ingredients. That’s why Black Note sticks to the real thing, extracting the essence of real tobacco leaves to flavor our vaping liquid. Not only does this avoid the harmful chemicals in cigarettes, but it also eliminates the flavoring chemicals found in many ecig juices. The end result is real tobacco taste, an authentic tobacco experience and the best flavor for ecig juice you can find.

Notice also we said the best e-cig flavor was straight-up tobacco, not plain old tobacco. Black Note’s real tobacco vaping liquid happens to come in a variety of different blends, from the light and airy to the peppery and robust. Not all tobacco is created equal, and different blends capture the specialized subtleties that make each tobacco unique.

Best Sweet Tobacco E-Juice

When it comes to sweet tobacco e-juice, your options can be broken down into two categories.

The first category contains tobacco e-juice that overlays the tobacco flavor with artificial chocolate, caramel, vanilla, fruity or other dessert-like flavorings. We wouldn’t classify any such flavors as the best tobacco e liquid, simply because they typically use chemicals and other artificial ingredients to create the tobacco taste, the sweet taste, or both.

The second category of sweet tobacco e-juice is where you’ll find the best tobacco e-liquid, sweet or otherwise. This category contains vaping liquid created using only natural flavorings, which is exactly where Black Note fits in. Instead of concocting flavors using synthetic ingredients, Black Note uses an extensive extraction process that slowly and deliberately extracts the tobacco essence from real tobacco leaves.

The result is the best tobacco e-juice: tobacco vaping liquid that actually tastes like real tobacco. And if you’re going for the best sweet tobacco e liquid, we have a few tobacco blends that offer varying levels of sweetness.

Prelude is our sweetest tobacco e-liquid, containing golden Virginia tobacco. Made from fire-cured dark Virginia tobacco, Sonata is our Cavendish blend with a mildly sweet and nutty flavor. Solo is our menthol blend, giving you a semi-sweet minty taste created from natural menthol crystals extract from dried mint leaves.

For the best tobacco e-liquid that’s naturally sweet and remarkably delicious, Black Note is at your service.

WARNING: Black Note products are not smoking cessation products and have not been tested as such. Black Note products are intended for use by adults of legal smoking age (21 or older in California), and not by children or women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Black Note products contain nicotine, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. Ingestion of the non-vaporized concentrated ingredients can be poisonous. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.