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Is Your E-Cig Leaking?

Every vaper will have experienced a leaking e-cig at some point. This problem is annoying not just because you’re wasting e-liquid and you may stain your clothes but also because there’s an increased risk you may spill some in your mouth causing a bitter taste and a mild burning sensation. When your e-cigarette is leaking you obviously want to get it fixed as soon as possible but, in order to ensure it is fixed you need to first understand why it is leaking and how similar problems can be prevented.

Fill It Up

Most leaks are actually caused by the way the clearomiser is filled. Tank style atomizers have a central tube extending from the coil up to the mouthpiece, if you manage to get e-liquid in there you will have leaking problems. When you fill up be very careful not to get anything within the central tube. You should tilt the tank as if you were pouring a beer and ensure that the e-liquid runs down the inside of the glass/plastic. This will keep it away from the central space and reduce the likelihood of leaks. 

Tighten Up

Having gaps in between the components of your e-cigarette or the cross threading screw on the elements can cause serious leaking issues. There are some key areas where gaps are most likely to appear; where the coil meets the atomizer and where the base of your atomizer meets the tank. Ensure everything fits snugly together to limit leaks. Cross threading the components can create gaps that allow for leaks. When screwing parts back together be very careful and make sure they are properly lined up.

Don’t Over-Tighten Your E-Cig

Over-tightening can be as much of a problem as under tightening and allowing gaps in your e-cigarette. O-rings are the little rubber rings found in your vaporizer where the two parts of the tank meet. They help to create a perfect leak-free seal. When you over-tighten you can damage these little bits of rubber and create a path for e-liquid to spill out. It’s hard to define over-tightening but the basic rule is to screw everything in firmly but without putting a lot of strength into it. 


As demonstrated above O-rings are really important for preventing leaks but they can not only be damaged by over-tightening they can also be degraded by e-liquid and through the vaporizer generally. It is vital you regularly take your e-cigarette apart and check on the suitability of these rings. You will be able to see any damage or wear and tear, which means you will know if and when they need replacing. Sometimes spare O-rings are supplied with a vape but if not you can pick them up from most e-cigarette stores.


Flooding can cause leaking and this happens when too much e-liquid is pulled into the coil and it cannot vaporize properly. This means a lot of excess liquid leaks out of the coil’s housing. You can fix this by changing several setting but the easiest way is to switch to a higher power or voltage setting. This vapes more e-liquid per puff. It can create more vapor and alter the flavor but it is not the only solution. You could add more wick material into the coil housing, this will slow the coil and gives the coil more time to do its job. You need to stuff a small piece of organic cotton beside the coil but be careful not to move the coil. Use a straightened paperclip to wedge it in but leave one side free for airflow.

Inhale Slowly and Softly 

If you’re still having problems with your e-cig leaking it could be caused by the way you inhale rather than due to a fault with the e-cigarette. When you draw harder on a traditional cigarette you get more smoke but doing this on a vape will accomplish little. It may even draw e-liquid into the coil faster than it can be vaporized, which can cause leakage. To solve this, you need to change the way you inhale and take longer, gentler breaths.


This is one leak source that you can do very little to change. When you take a hit you may not be able to take in all the vapor that has been created. The rest will condense in the center tube or mouthpiece. You may not be losing a lot each time but this can add up to a lot. You can minimize this by taking longer draws, inhaling as soon as you press the button and taking your finger off the button quickly. This will minimize the amount of e-liquid that will condense.

Have you got anymore tips for a leaky e-cig? Share them with us on our social media pages.

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