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Kick Your Smoking Habit

How E-cig Flavors Can Help You Kick Your Smoking Habit

Trying to quit smoking is a bit like Sisyphus pushing that boulder up a hill; just when you think you’ve got there another setback puts you right back down where you started. Kicking the habit can be a struggle for the best of us, but many people would suggest that vaping is the way forward. A recent study has shown that certain e-cig flavors are even more useful when you’re trying to give up cigarettes.

The Study

The experiment mentioned above was carried out by the University of Connecticut. The study found that flavorings used in electronic cigarettes may be instrumental in turning people away from smoking. So, how did it work?

The university gathered together participants who regularly smoke and the study took place in two halves. The first half saw the participants being offered different things to vape with their e-cigarette: 18 mg mg/mL nicotine base only, tobacco, menthol, or cherry and chocolate. They were asked to select the one that they wanted to smoke over the course of the study.

In the second half of the experiment, their behavioural responses to the e-cigarettes and their different flavourings were monitored in their own homes. To begin with the participants were asked to self-monitor the number of traditional cigarettes they consumed every day for one week. After this they were asked to substitute their cigarettes for their new vape for a period of 6 weeks.

So, What Did They Discover?

There are, currently, around 8,000 different e-cig flavors available on the market. This means that vaping can suit every possible taste and need under the sun. It turns out, however, that not every e-liquid flavor is created equal – some have better benefits when it comes to getting rid of your smoking habit.

Tobacco flavoring made the first choice for many smokers when they switch from electronic cigarettes to traditional ones and there are definitely some good ones on the market that are worth a try. But, certain reports suggest that if you keep to this flavor for any period of time, you may be more tempted to reach for the real cigarettes at the end of a particularly long and hard day. For the best results, the findings of the University of Connecticut study suggests branching out into different e-liquid flavors and mixing us usage instead of just sticking with a single tobacco blend permanently can help cessation be more successful.  

Over the course of the six week study carried out by the university, the smoking habits of the participants shifted and changed quite a lot, making the results noteworthy for the field. Some of the participants saw a huge reduction in smoking and found they much preferred using their e-cigarette over their traditional smoke. The biggest success stories were those who smoked the menthol and cherry flavors (chocolate didn’t do so well, but you get the idea).

The results found in the University of Connecticut experiment have been supported by other studies, too. In 2013 the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public health considered the subject. This particular study found that while vape users who were still smoking preferred tobacco blends, those who had managed to quit the habit altogether preferred different varied flavors – such as fruit and vanilla. This highlights a correlation between e-cig flavors and smoking habits.

In fact, away from scientific studies and reports many users across the board (even ones that are skeptical of non-tobacco flavors to begin with) find that trying different flavors can break the link between tobacco and gratification – perfect if you’re trying hard to kick your cig addiction. It seems that trying out different e-cig flavors, particularly of the fruity or menthol variety, may be the way forward.

So, what do you make of e-liquid flavorings? Do you have any particular exotic favorites we should know about, or are you more interested in sticking to your tried and tested tobacco blends? We love hearing your opinions – so get in touch in the comments and via our social media channels.


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