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510 and 808 Threading

The Differences Between 510 and 808 Threading

Switching to e-cigarettes is a daunting process – there is lots to learn and plenty of new concepts to get your head around as you get started on the vaping path. One of the most common questions new vapers will often ask is if there is a difference between 510 and 808 threading? The answer is of course, yes.

There is a clear difference, 808 batteries fit together with 808 tanks or cartomizers whereas 510 batteries fit with 510 tanks. This is the most obvious difference but as you become more experienced in the vaping world you will quickly realize there are many other, more subtle differences to bear in mind. Each type of threading is related to what you want to do with the e-cigarette, so it’s important to choose wisely. Here are the key differences between these two concepts along with some key information about how each one affects ecig performance.


510 batteries are easily identifiable by the recessed female connector which has a wide hole in order to maximize airflow. 510 threading has become the industry standard since the E-go mod battery was released. Almost all box mods on the market use 510 threading. Advanced vapers and cloud chasers tend to automatically go for 510 batteries because they are compatible with most tanks and drippers.

The vast majority of 510 batteries are variable voltage. As you will know, a variable voltage setup gives vapers more control over their device. Variable voltage 510 batteries also tend to produce more vapor which leads to larger clouds – this is because they are more powerful.

There are some drawbacks to the 510s though. One of the main disadvantages is that having a female battery can restrict airflow. The wide hole attempts to compensate for that so this is a personal preference. A second common concern with a 510 battery is that it is possible for the e-liquid to leak into the connectors at the recessed end. If this happens, the battery will be damaged. This potential drawback can be overcome by keeping to a regular cleaning schedule. Overall the 510 batteries are effective, efficient and easy to maintain – provided they are properly cleaned and looked after.


The 808 threading option came to market because the early 510 models were inconsistent when it came to producing vapor (they have since improved a lot so this is no longer such a concern). 808 provides a much steadier airflow which keeps hits almost identical. There is also no risk of them leaking and damaging batteries because they have a male end and pair with female tank.

808 batteries are arguably much simpler to use that their 510 counterparts but there are other benefits too which make this option attractive to the novice vaper. The airflow is consistent for example, which means hits are similar. The 808 can feel and look more like a real cigarette which is attractive to many vapers just making the switch from traditional smoking.

They are also notoriously easy to use which is a real benefit if you are unfamiliar with e-cigarettes. The only real drawback is that the vapor is not as thick as a 510 and an 808 model doesn’t have the same facilities for controlling the temperature, wattage or voltage as a 510 does.

808 and 510 are not the only threading systems used on e-cigarettes – there are many other thread sizes that all have a different effect on the vapor produced by your e-cigarette. However, 510 and 808 are the most common sizes used and the only ones you will really encounter on a regular basis. Knowing the difference between these two types of threading will help you find the perfect e-cigarette, increasing your enjoyment of vaping as you make the switch from traditional smoking.

If you are a new vaper, it is well worth trying both setups to see which you enjoy more. If you can’t decide then you can always get an adapter which will allow you to switch between 808 and 510 whenever you want to.

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