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Delicious Duo 8: Legato and Whiskey on the Rocks

Earthy, nutty Legato is a magnificent match with a glass of aged whiskey on the rocks.

With a smooth, earthy flair, Legato vaping liquid is a standard favorite across the board. It therefore makes sense that it would match up exceptionally well with another standard – aged whiskey on the rocks. Any brand of quality, aged whiskey is fair game, as long as it was aged in wood barrels and carries its own robustly earthy nuances.


Legato Highlights


Kentucky tobacco as at the heart of Legato, but not just any ole Kentucky tobacco will do. Legato is crafted from the American tobacco that’s grown in Italy, producing an Italian Kentucky blend that’s flue-cured using slowly increasing heat. The end result is a smooth, pleasant, and slightly nutty taste.


Whiskey Highlights


Made of fermented grain mash, whiskeys are typically aged in wooden casks, many of which are made of charred white oak. Because the beverage spends such an extensive time in wooden barrels as it’s maturing, the type and quality of the wood is of extreme importance. The wood plays a major role in the whiskey’s color, characteristics and overall end result.


Why the Two Make a Delicious Duo


The earthiness of both Legato and aged whiskey are key to their perfect match. Legato’s subtly nutty and earthy nuances come from the slow-heat curing of the tobacco, which brings out the tobacco’s natural resins. The natural goodness of whiskey is largely imparted by the wooden barrels, along with plenty of patience as the beverage ages anywhere from two to 25 or more years.


The weights of the two delicacies also match up, with the medium-bodied tobacco blend of Legato aligning with the medium-bodied aged whiskey. The nutty undertones of Legato add another alluring layer of natural flavoring to the mix, creating an earthy, nutty, woodsy and overall harmonious combination.

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