Delicious Duo 7: Sonata and Vanilla Ice Cream

Cool down the intensity of Sonata with a naturally sweet dollop of vanilla ice cream. Vanilla ice cream is one of those highly adaptable desserts that go with nearly everything, which makes it a perfect pick to combine with the robust Sonata. In addition to soothing the tobacco blend’s high intensity, vanilla ice cream infuses just a touch of natural sweetness to add another layer of deliciousness to the mix.

Sonata Highlights

Sonata is crafted using a Cavendish tobacco blend, or a blend that has gone through a very precise, centuries-old treatment method. The Cavendish method involves specialized tobacco cutting and curing procedures which transform standard dark Virginia tobacco into an amazingly intense and robust tobacco blend.

Vanilla Ice Cream Highlights

Regardless of how many levels of delicious happiness it brings, vanilla ice cream is a fairly basic treat. Ingredients typically include milk, sugar, heavy cream, vanilla extract and a vanilla bean. Its simplicity is one of the reasons the dessert is so well-loved, and it’s also one of the reasons it mingles so magnificently with a variety of other treats – like Black Note’s Sonata.

Why the Two Make a Delicious Duo

The brilliant intensity of Sonata is a delight within itself, but it takes on a whole new level of pleasure when its robust flavor is mingled with smooth, cold, creamy vanilla ice cream. The strategy behind this matchup is combining contrasts.

Sonata is bold and brazen, while vanilla ice cream is calm and soothing. If you’re not sure if it will work, think of all the other successes vanilla ice cream has had when matched up with chocolate fudge, butterscotch topping, strawberry glaze, or any other powerful flavor that takes on a whole new life when mingled with the vanilla treat.

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