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Delicious Duo 6: Sonata and Rose Mint Tea

The brilliant intensity of Sonata is complemented keenly by the refreshing zing of rose mint tea.

While coffee and tobacco have long made an endearing couple, many forget about combining tobacco and tea. An ideal way to try the combination is by matching up the boldly brilliant Sonata with the invigorating sensation of rose mint tea. The two make a sensational team, with the deep flavor of Sonata’s Cavendish tobacco blend lightened up a bit by a soothing rose and mint concoction.

Sonata Highlights

The magic of Sonata comes from the precise tobacco cutting and curing method used during its creation. The method is known as Cavendish, and it transforms dark Virginia tobacco into a profoundly robust and brilliantly intense blend. The Cavendish method has been used for more than four centuries, consistently producing a memorable tobacco experience.

Rose Mint Tea Highlights

Made from fresh or dehydrated rose petals, rose tea also has an extensive history. Rose petals and essential oil have long been used for health and medicinal purposes, and using the petals in a tea can bring on the same level of healthful benefits. Rose tea boasts a fruity, fragrant aroma, with a delightfully fruity taste to match. Add a sprig of fresh mint for a bit of zest and tingle for your taste buds.

Why the Two Make a Delicious Duo

When it comes to coupling Cavendish, you can either go for something that matches the deep robustness of the tobacco blend – or opt for something that it on the opposite end of the spectrum. Rose mint tea counts as the latter, balancing out the intensity of Sonata with an invigorating, cooling experience.

The contrasting sensations and flavors play extremely well together, with the heavier, dark Virginia tobacco providing a firm foundation overlaid by minty fresh, fruity overtones. For a cozier experience, drink the rose mint tea hot, or whip up a batch of rose mint iced tea to cool down on the hotter days.

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