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Cavendish tobacco e-liquid and stout

Delicious Duo 5: Sonata and Stouts

Stouts make a perfect accompaniment to the robust and intense experience of Sonata.

Featuring dark Virginia tobacco that’s been treated to the centuries-old Cavendish curing process, Sonata is intense. This robust blend matches extraordinarily well with stouts, dark beers that can hold their own when coupled with the profoundly rich flavor of a no-nonsense Cavendish blend. Put the two together and you’ll enjoy a flavorful mix that treats the taste buds to a deep massage.

Sonata Highlights

Known for its brilliant intensity, Cavendish is a method of treating tobacco that dates back more than 400 years. Dark Virginia tobacco is precisely cut and then fire-cured according to a specialized process, resulting in a rich, flavorful blend that’s not for the weak. Strong and memorable, Sonata brings delivers flavor with just enough passion to excite but not overwhelm.

Stout Highlights

With roasted barley at their core, stout beers are dark, rich and loaded with flavor. While the term “stout” initially referred to bold-flavored, high-alcohol beer of any style, it has since evolved to designate beers with the distinct roasted flavor that comes from their key ingredient. The well-known classic Guinness is a prime example of a dry, Irish stout, although stouts do come in a several variations.

Why the Two Make a Delicious Duo

Regardless of the variety you choose, stouts mix well with Cavendish for the same reason they mingle well with barbecued meats. The smoky, roasted flavor of the stout enhances the roasted flavor of other delicacies, and this particularly holds true with fire-cured Cavendish tobacco.

The weight of stouts and Cavendish match up keenly, as does the intensity of the palate’s overall experience. Due to their solid foundation and multiple layers of flavor, the duo is perfectly aligned to mix and mingle. While each is powerful in its own right, neither has enough power to dominate or conquer the other. Their powers are instead precisely matched.

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