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Delicious Duo 4: Forte and Spicy Pepper Jack Cheese

The robust, rich flavor of Forte is enhanced by the smooth yet spicy experience of a creamy pepper jack cheese.

Robust and flavorful Forte features a savory blend of burley tobacco, providing a smooth and sensational experience. That experience becomes even more sensational when this in-demand Black Note blend is accompanied by a full-bodied, creamy pepper jack cheese. While Forte’s flair and the cheese’s jalapeno peppers match up to provide a notable kick, the creamy texture of the cheese adds a luscious layer of coolness to the mix.

Forte Highlights

The careful cultivating, curing and natural extraction process combine to provide the full-bodied, smooth experience found in Forte. Burley tobacco is the heart of the blend, with tobacco plants grown in the nutrient-rich, volcanic soil of Naples. The tobacco leaves are ripened in the sun, cooled in the shade, and air-cured to produce the distinct and flavorful results.

Pepper Jack Cheese Highlights

Like Forte, pepper jack cheese is a favorite for those who like a full-bodied flavor that stands its ground yet doesn’t overwhelm. Monterey Jack cheese is the foundation of this delicacy, featuring a semi-soft texture that balances out the spiciness of the cheese’s jalapeno peppers. The peppers ensure the each bite provides a zesty kick in what would otherwise be a rather delicate and buttery cheese.

Why the Two Make a Delicious Duo

Forte and pepper jack cheese mingle well due to the various elements at play. Both provide a full-bodied, flavorful experience, although at slightly different levels. Forte’s flavor straddles the middle ground, without being too heavy or light, while pepper jack cheese excites the palates at both ends of the scale.

The jalapenos’ spicy flair weighs in at the high end of the heat scale, while the creamy texture of the cheese weighs in at the high end of the cool and smooth scale.

Both delicacies also enjoy intriguing, well-traveled histories. Forte is born in the volcanic soils of Naples. Pepper jack cheese is said to have originated in Spain, created by Franciscan monks in the 1700s and making its way to America through Mexico.

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