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coil maintenance

Coil Maintenance 101

The coil is one of the most important components in your e-cigarette. It soaks up the e-liquid and turns it into vapor. Changing and cleaning the coil is also the most common form of maintenance. Most vapers replace it every two weeks, fill their tanks a few times a week and clean around that schedule. Here’s our simple guide to maintaining your coil and keeping your e-cigarette firing exactly as it should.

Types of Tank

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different tanks because almost every manufacturer produces their own. Despite the size of the range, there are only really three non-rebuildable tank types (we’ll explain rebuildable in a later blog). These are top-coil clearomizers, bottom-coil clearomizers and sub ohm tanks (can be top or bottom fill).

Tanks may look distinctive and be used slightly differently, but they all have the same function. Inside the tank there is a central stem that takes in airflow, allows air to pass over it and then delivers the vapor to your mouth. The atomizer attaches to the central stem either at the bottom or top. The tank surrounds the entire central stem and acts as a reservoir for e-liquid.


Whether you need to replace a coil, refill it or are just attempting to access the tank section, you will need to take it apart. This is an easy job. The glass tank screws in at the top or bottom and can simply be unscrewed. Some tanks don’t screw at both ends and some are held in with an O-ring. Where an O-ring is used the tank can be pulled apart with a little force.

Bottom and top coil tanks are extremely similar. The only difference in disassembly is that bottom-coil unscrews at the bottom while a top-coil is screwed in at the top. Bottom-coil tanks can be tinkered with, without draining the tank. Top coil tanks need to be drained because otherwise the e-liquid will flood the device. Sub ohm tanks work much like bottom coil devices but sometimes have an alternative gap to easily fill them up.

Changing the Coil

When you have access to the tank it couldn’t be easier to change the coil. All tanks have coils that simply screw into place. It is positioned either at the top of the stem or the base. All you need to do is unscrew the old one, try using some kitchen towel to keep your hands clear of e-liquid. Then dispose of the old one and screw a new one in place. This has to be firmly screwed in or else the e-liquid will leak into the vapor’s path.

Your new coil is almost ready to be used. It will at this point be completely dry so you need to wait a few minutes for it to soak e-liquid in. If you don’t want to wait try dripping e-liquid directly onto it or take a toke without pressing the fire button. Both of these techniques will speed up the soaking process.


Changing the coil is a key part of cleaning your device but it is not the only job you need to do. When you disassemble your tank it is worth wiping the glass and central stem down with some paper tissue. This will remove excess e-liquid, which could alter the flavor of any other liquids you use in the tank.


Refilling your tank is the most common maintenance job you will have to do. Depending on the size of the tank you could be doing this daily but the average is about twice a week. Luckily, refilling is an exceptionally easy job.

After taking your tank apart by either removing the top or bottom of it, you need to refill it with e-liquid. You should slowly fill the tank along the side. Holding it at an angle makes it easier for the e-liquid to flow into the tank. Try and avoid getting e-liquid into the central part of the tank. If some does get in there simply wipe it out with a bit of kitchen towel.

Has this helped you maintain your e-cigarette? Share this advice so others can benefit too. 

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