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How often should you change your coils?

How Often Should You Change Your Coils?

As a vaper, you’ll need to know the importance of looking after your equipment and be familiar with the various parts of your kit that will require regular cleaning and maintenance. This need to replace elements can be a complete culture shock for former smokers who are used to only needing a lighter. Replacing the coils is a regular part of e-cig maintenance, read on to find out how often should you do this.

The coil sits inside your e-cigarette’s tank and it is arguably one of the most important components. Coils are made of resistance wire that heats up when an electrical current is passed through it. The heat is then used to vaporize e-liquid, which is held in place by the surrounding wick.

Some experienced vapers make their own coils but most manufacturers produce replacement coils for their tanks. The good news if you’re new to e-cig maintenance is that it’s incredibly easy to change a coil. When your tank is empty, simply remove the top or bottom and the coil will screw out. A new one can then be twisted into place.

Whenever you’re replacing a coil, the tank should also be thoroughly cleaned. If you’re changing the coil because you’ve noticed a gurgling noise, then you will need to clean the battery connector as well. Gurgling can be a sign that e-liquid has made its way onto the battery connectors.

Coils are only temporary and after a certain amount of time the resistance wire will begin to fail. This will taint the flavor of your vapor. This is not an overnight process as coils fail gradually. As it begins to fail you will notice it either makes a gurgling noise, is lacking flavor or vapor production is low. Finally, the coil will stop producing vapor all together. Ideally your coil should be replaced before you start noticing any of these symptoms.

How Long Should a Coil Last

There is no set amount of time that you should leave between coil changes as the exact routine you need to adopt will depend on your setup, how you vape and the e-liquid you use. However, most vapers change coils every one to four weeks. If you start changing coils on a fortnightly basis, you will notice the taste of your vapor improving. Use this as a baseline to help you determine a more accurate schedule for changing coils.

Your habits are the most important factor when it comes to deciding how often your e-cigarette’s coil should be changed. If you are a heavy user, you may find weekly coil changes are not enough. If you’re a casual user who enjoys the odd toke now and again, then expect your coils to last even longer than four weeks.

E-liquid is soaked up by the wicking material surrounding the coil. If you’re a cloud chaser and regularly use 100% VG e-liquid, you’ll have to change coils much more often. The thicker nature of vegetable glycerin means that it takes more power to vaporize. Putting more power into the coil means that it will begin to burn out much quicker, demanding a more intensive replacement schedule.

The same can be said for those using a variable voltage or temperature controlled mod. Higher temperatures and voltages will naturally degrade the resistance wire quicker, meaning the coil needs to be changed more often. The more you use your setup the more adept you will become at spotting the warning signs of a failing coil.

Changing Coils Too Often?

You can never change a coil too often but if you’re having to do it every two to three days it becomes an annoying hassle. If this is the case, consider changing your tank. There are only two types of connection between a battery and tank – 808 and 510. When selecting a new tank there are a few other things you need to be aware of. It should be an appropriate resistance for your e-cigarette for example, so that it doesn’t continue to burn out. You may also want to consider building your own coils in future. This will allow you to create coils that meet your needs exactly. Take a look at our handy guide to find out how.


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