What is Vaping?

We all know what a cigarette is: a paper tube filled with ground tobacco, typically with a filter placed on one end. However, many people need to be aware of vapers’ precise mechanism. This has caused a lot of confusion because many individuals believe that an e-cigarette is a modernized version of a conventional tobacco …

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What is the Legal Age Limit for Vaping?

The vaping industry has recently witnessed tremendous growth, worthily trading blows with e-cigarettes. In fact, it is the substitute product people who wish to quit smoking often turn to. One similarity vapor products share with e-cigarettes is government regulation. Like e-cigarettes, vapor products are regulated by their host country. Therefore, vaping legal age is a …

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Why is my Vape Device Popping and Spitting Back?

Vape Device Popping and Spitting Back: Causes and Prevention  Is your vape spitting back pops, crackles, and spits? Don’t worry; there are no defects. Have you ever noticed how heated water pops and bubbles? Your vape device may respond similarly when a liquid is heated and turned into vapor. Your enjoyment of vaping may be …

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Is vaping better for you than smoking tobacco?

Evidence suggests that vaping is way less dangerous than smoking tobacco. That said, there are some side effects that you may be exposed to from vaping. These side effects from vaping are benign, but it does pay to be up to date on these things. Different types of e-liquids, vapes, tanks, and coils are available …

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Is it Possible to Vape Without Nicotine?

VAPING WITHOUT NICOTINE Have you ever wondered why practically all e-liquid makers have a nicotine-free version of their product? There’s a huge demand for nicotine-free e-liquids because of the many benefits that come with them, chief amongst which is the absence of nicotine, which is highly addictive. Most vapers start vaping to wean off nicotine …

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What is RBA Vaping?

Vapers generally begin using disposable vapes before switching to pod mods. The next step is for them to use refillable tanks with plug-and-play coil systems. Many vapers eventually choose to switch to tanks with more customizability choices. Therefore, they begin using vape RBA tanks. These atomizers represent the pinnacle of vaping. They are well worth purchasing …

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Tips for Beginners to Vaping

When you start vaping, the technology, language, products, and methods associated with it can seem incredibly daunting. For individuals who wish to completely stop smoking and switch to vaping for a healthy lifestyle, it’s frequently the first significant barrier to entry. We understand. There is a lot to get used to when selecting e-liquids and devices, learning how …

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