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Can You Use E-Liquid On A Plane?

Can You Use E-Liquid On A Plane?

Vapes are an essential travel item, no matter where you go you will want to take them along for the ride too. Since most US travel involves stringent security checks just to board ,so many vapers get on the plane and want nothing more than to inhale a stream of thick vapor before they take off. It leaves many asking what are the rules regarding e-liquid on a plane? Some even wonder about the way in which they transport it and whether it can go in checked luggage or not.


Even if you don’t crave a drag of vapor just before take-off you will want most likely want your e-cig with you for the rest of your journey. Therefore, you need to know how you are permitted to transport it and if there are any restrictions on the device use.

The US Department of Transport banned e-cigarettes and vapor pens from checked luggage in 2015. This was due to a number of high profile incidents where e-cigarettes caught fire during the flight and endangered other passengers.

Despite these restrictions on checked luggage you can still take e-cigarettes with you in hand luggage and on your person. You will need to disconnect your battery from the device and keep in mind that liquid limits still apply to e-liquid. This means that you need to be very careful with the amount of e-liquid you attempt to take on board because if you have too much it will be confiscated and disposed of. Generally,  taking e-liquid on a plane is fine because containers are small enough that they will go inside the plastic bags and come nowhere near breaching the rules on volumes of permissible liquids.

Don’t try and hide your e-cigarette; being honest about what it is will mean the security staff treat you better. Hiding it only makes you look suspicious and could make alarm bells ring.

On The Plane

You cannot use an e-cigarette on a plane – the Department of Transport officially banned them when they stopped permitting them to be carried in checked baggage. Some airlines outside of the US do allow mid-flight use but it is best to always check with the cabin crew when on board.

At The Airport

Airports are especially frustrating places and with customs control and security on top of potentially a long wait to complete the check in process, your pre-flight routine can seem never ending. With bans on smoking in public places a lot of airports simply have no place for smokers to go. However, there are still a number of States which have not yet banned the use of e-cigarettes in enclosed public spaces. In some airports you will be able to vape to your heart’s content.  A similar patchwork of legislation exists in airports throughout the world. Before you vape inside an airport always speak to an official and ask permission. Plenty of staff are on hand at airports to answer your questions so it should be no trouble to double check before you begin to vape.

Banned Countries

Some nations around the world have actually banned the sale, use and even possession of e-cigarettes. This has left many travelers wondering if transfers in these countries could endanger their e-cigarettes. Generally, this isn’t a problem because you won’t be leaving the airport and you won’t be going through security again. If you are changing in a country with strict laws like Dubai, Singapore and Russia, it is best to check with your airline before you travel. You don’t want to have your expensive vaping equipment confiscated for making a connecting flight, so use your common sense and all should be fine. If in doubt, call the airline before you depart.

Take a look at our earlier blog on e-cigarette regulations around the world before you travel anywhere with your vape because there is a plethora of regulations. They can and do vary massively from country to country so it pays to be aware of what the law is for each destination in your itinerary.

Has this guide helped you plan your next trip away? Make sure you share any tips you have on traveling and vaping in our comments 

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