New York and Michigan Flavor Ban

Black Note Safe from E-Cig Flavor Bans

Two states so far have made it official: It is now against the law to sell flavored vaping liquid and e-cigarettes in both New York and Michigan. While this knocks many e-liquids off the market, Black Note tobacco vaping liquid remains unaffected.

That’s because Black Note has never used artificial flavors in our blends, only real tobacco flavor derived from extract from real tobacco leaves.  

Flavor Ban in New York

The flavor ban in New York went into effect Monday, Sept. 17, and it applies to all flavors of e-liquid except menthol and tobacco. A ban on menthol flavoring is under consideration by NYS Department of Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker, who is expected to offer a recommendation in two weeks.

Retailers have until Friday, Oct. 4 to comply. If they’re caught selling flavored e-cigarette products after that date, they face fines of up to $2,000 per violation. Each unit of flavored vaping liquid or product counts as a violation.

Flavor Ban in Michigan

The flavor ban in Michigan went into effect Wednesday, Sept. 19, and it applies to all flavors of vaping liquid including menthol. Retailers have two weeks to comply, with penalties to include six months imprisonment, a fine of no more than $2000, or both.

While Black Note’s menthol blend of Solo falls under the ban in Michigan, it can still be sold in New York state for the time being. And our other real tobacco blends will be available as usual, as we’ve avoided using artificial flavors that appeal to minors from the onset.

That means you can keep ordering and enjoying Black Note real tobacco vaping liquid as you wish with no problems or interruptions. In fact, you can order your next batch today.

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