Black Note Cigarette Blend

Black Note Cigarette Blend

Naturally warm and welcoming, Black Note’s new Cigarette blend is ready for action. This real tobacco vaping liquid combines three flavorful tobacco types into one marvelous mix. We’d like you to meet Cigarette Blend.

What Does It Taste Like?

Our Cigarette blend has an Ashy & Amber flavor, thanks to a tasty trio of tobacco types combined with a time-tested curing and aging process.

What Tobacco Types Does It Contain?

This blend is composed of Virginia and burley tobacco embellished with just the right touch of Turkish leaf tobacco. Virginia tobacco is one of the most popular across the board, well-loved for its light and mildly sweet flavor. Burley tobacco is hailed for its mild and nutty taste, while Turkish leaf tobacco sports a mild and aromatic flavor.

What’s the Time-Tested Process?

As if the three tobacco types combined don’t sound delicious enough, it gets even better. Once our master blender selects only the purest varieties and highest grades of natural tobacco, they are hand-formed into bundles and naturally fermented for six months. The tobacco bundles are then aged in oak barrels until they’re ready for extraction under the supervision of our doctor of chemistry.

While Cigarette Blend is a typical American blend that undergoes a traditional curing and aging process, the results are anything but typical in the hands of Black Note. We think you’ll agree. Give our new cigarette blend a try today.

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