What is the Best Vape Pen For You?

Finding the best vape pen isn’t easy. The vaping industry is inundated with high-quality devices ranging from cigarette-like in size to big and boxy, and vape pens sit right in the middle of these two extremes. Boasting fairly long-lasting batteries, simple operation and solid vapor production, they strike a balance between portability and performance that’s just what many newer vapers are looking for. As well as e-liquid, some vape pens are designed for wax and loose leaf, so there’s more to the style of e-cig than just e-juice. But what is the best vape pen? Although preferences vary, we’ve put together a little list of our picks for the best vape pen style devices, and some guidance as to where to look for reliable reviews.

Types of Vape Pen

If you’re looking for the best vaporizer pen, the first step is to work out what type of device you’re in the market for. Here’s a quick run down of the different types of vape pen:

  • Standard vape pens: In the earlier days of the industry, eGo-style vape pens were the most common type. These tend to have smaller batteries (around 650 mAh) and a unique threading that was mainly suited to clearomizers. You can still pick these up today, but generally there are better options out there.
  • Mod-like vape pens: Most of the vape pens on the market today are a little thicker and kind of like a tube mod. These have much bigger batteries (1,500 mAh or more) and have standard 510 connections, as well as working with sub ohm coils. The devices tend to be bigger in size, but they perform much better and offer more flexibility in terms of performance. Some even offer variable wattage, just like traditional mods.
  • Pod vaping systems: Pod vapes are essentially simplified vape pens. These have pod-style tanks and generally run at lower wattages than mod-like vape pens. This works well with higher strength e-liquid, but they have the benefit of being more portable and generally easier to use. The batteries tend to be a little smaller than mod-like pens, but you use less power so they’ll still last most users through a day.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the different vaping devices on the market – as well as cigalikes and mods, not just vape pens – our infographic guide tells you everything you need to know.

Best All Around Vape Pen

Now you’ve had a basic introduction to the types of vape pen, it’s time to tackle the big question: what is the best vape pen? While there are great options in every class, we’re going to split the options into the best all around vape pen and the best vape pen for wax. However, for the “all around” class, we’re going to largely focus on e-juice vape pens. The problem is that many vape pens for dry herb don’t work as well as you may hope, so we’re limiting the options in that class to our pick for the very best option on the market. If you want a better dry herb vape, you may need to choose something bigger than a vape pen.

5 – Suorin Vagon

The Vagon from Suorin is an all-in-one vape pen that has a lot in common with the pod-style vape pens that have come to dominate the market. It runs on a 430 mAh battery, with a 2 ml pod intended for nicotine salt e-liquids (or stronger ordinary e-liquids), with a resistance of between 1.3 and 1.4 ohms and automatic operation so you basically use it like you would a cigarette. It has a super-cool design, with a curved body that makes it comfortable to hold, and a v-shaped LED light on the body that lights up when you inhale and also serves as a battery level indicator. You can pick up the Vagon for $17.95.

4 – Vaporesso Sky Solo

The Sky Solo from Vaporesso has more of a classic vape pen style and operation, a tube-shaped device with a single button for operation and a sub ohm tank on the top. The Sky Solo has a 1,500 mAh battery built-in, which is usually enough to keep you vaping all day on a single charge. The kit comes with a 3.5 ml capacity tank, along with two 0.18 ohm mesh coils that perform excellently in terms of both flavor and vapor. The tank also has adjustable airflow, so you can tailor the draw you get from it to suit your preferences. It costs $19.95 for the kit.

3 – Innokin GoMax

The GoMax from Innokin is a high-performance vape pen paired with a unique, disposable tank that takes a lot of complexity out of sub ohm vaping. While this means you can’t replace the coil (you just replace the whole tank), all you have to do to start vaping is push the top of the tank to the side to reveal the fill hole, fill up and start vaping. It has a 5.5 ml e-liquid capacity and comes with a 0.19 ohm coil that uses a 3D mesh design for next-level performance. The device has a 3,000 mAh battery, easily enough for a day or two of vaping, and only a single button for operation. The kit costs $32.99 and comes with one tank.

2 – Freemax Twister

The Freemax Twister is a chunky-looking vape pen that does a fantastic job of blending the simplicity of a vape pen with the variable wattage functionality you’d expect from a mod. It has a single button for operation, but as the “Twister” name suggests you can twist the base of the device to adjust the wattage. While the number of options is limited, the wattage range stretches from 5 to 80 W, which gives you plenty of options and works well with the 2.5 ml tank and mesh coils included with the kit. The device runs on a 2,300 mAh internal battery, and comes with the tank, two coils, a 5 ml bubble glass add-on for the tank and a USB charging cable. It costs $34.95.

1 – Smok RPM80

The rise of pod vaping devices has changed the vaping landscape for the better, and the top vape pen in this list takes it to the next level. The RPM80 from Smok is a pod mod with the features of a regular vape mod, including freely variable wattage up to 80 W with two adjustment buttons and a clear, full-color display. The device includes an impressive 3,000 mAh battery, two pods as standard, a 0.17 ohm conical mesh coil and a 0.4 ohm regular mesh coil. The pods hold 5 ml of juice and are filled from the side (you just remove a silicone stopper and fill up), and there’s adjustable airflow so you can find the perfect draw for your preferences. You can pick up the kit for $30.99.

Vape Pen Reviews

So the lists above should give you a good idea of the options when you’re looking for the best vape pen for your needs, but checking out some vape reviews is a crucial part of finding the very best device. Where manufacturers hype their products as much as they can, a reviewer’s job is to cut through the nonsense and give you the real low-down on what each vape pen has to offer. Before you buy, reading reviews is a must.

Although there are many excellent reviewers out there, here are a few sites we recommend checking out for all of your vape pen needs:

  • Vaping360: Vaping360 is one of the most well-known vaping sites out there, and it’s earned the support of vapers thanks to it’s always-informative and no-nonsense reviews of all types of vaping devices. Although they focus on e-juice vaping – everything from beginner devices to higher-end mods – they also have sections for dry herb and wax/concentrate vape pens.
  • EcigClick: EcigClick is a UK-based reviewer with a focus on e-juice vaping but some excellent, informative and in-depth reviews of some of the best vape pens, cigalikes and mods on the market. Although they don’t cover wax or dry herb vape pens, it’s definitely one to check out when you’re looking for a new device.
  • The Vape Critic: The Vape Critic specializes in reviewing dry herb and concentrate/wax vaporizers, but if you’re in the market for one of them, this is one of the best places to check. With a detailed, informative and always-honest reviewing style, if you want the low-down on a dry herb or wax vape pen, you can trust the Vape Critic to steer you in the right direction.
  • ECigaretteReviewed: Although ECigaretteReviewed focuses on e-juice vaping devices, they offer in-depth reviews of some of the best devices on the market and never pull punches when it comes to criticism. They also cover some dry herb and wax vaporizers like the V2 Pro Series, and they’re worth checking out if you’re in the market for anything vaping-related.


So the question “what is the best vape pen?” may not have a simple answer, but if you know what type of device you’re looking for, there are several strong contenders in each class. The challenge is finding the very best vaporizer pen for your needs. Every device has its pros and cons, and while we’ve endeavored to give you a run-down of the benefits and drawbacks of some of the best options on the market, it’s always worth digging a little deeper and reading some reviews before you pull the trigger on a purchase. If you put the work in before making your purchase and think hard about what you’re looking for, you’ll have no problem finding a top-quality vape pen.

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